Results of TicketCity's 'Most Engaged NFL Fan Bases' Study Will Surprise You

By Andrew Fisher
NFL Fans
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Which team has the best fans in the NFL? It’s a great topic for debate. Some fan bases are known as being loyal even through tough times, while others will boo their own players every Sunday. NFL fans are known for being passionate and over the top. Some even rival the extremes WWE fans go to (see Syd Davy above, aka Vikings’ super fan).

But when it comes to the most ‘engaged’ fan bases, there’s actually a new way to track it. Thanks to, we now have some hard data to look at when talking about the best fans in the NFL. TicketCity used an algorithm and weighted the following factors in their study of the 2012 season: average total attendance all games (5), average home attendance (10), average ticket price (5), average home game ticket price (10), percentage of stadium capacity filled at home games (10), Facebook likes(3), Twitter following (3).

They looked at all those factors and came up with these results:

1.    Dallas Cowboys    100.00
2.    New England Patriots    89.64
3.    Green Bay Packers    87.29
4.    NY Giants    85.51
5.    Pittsburgh Steelers    84.41
6.    Chicago Bears    83.75
7.    Denver Broncos    80.39
8.    New Orleans Saints    76.42
9.    Houston Texans    76.16
10.    Philadelphia Eagles    73.40
11.    Baltimore Ravens    73.34
12.    San Francisco 49ers    71.63
13.    Washington Redskins    70.76
14.    Seattle Seahawks    70.45
15.    NY Jets    70.44
16.    Atlanta Falcons    64.95
17.    Indianapolis Colts    63.27
18.    Carolina Panthers    62.11
19.    Tennessee Titans    60.48
20.    Detroit Lions    60.34
21.    Minnesota Vikings    59.83
22.    Arizona Cardinals    58.60
23.    San Diego Chargers    57.67
24.    Buffalo Bills    57.02
25.    Cincinnati Bengals    56.94
26.    Cleveland Browns    56.19
27.    Oakland Raiders    54.93
28.    Jacksonville Jaguars    54.25
29.    Miami Dolphins    53.91
30.    Kansas City Chiefs    53.42
31.    St Louis Rams    53.09
32.    Tampa Bay Buccaneers    52.22

While the top 10 teams aren’t really surprising, I couldn’t believe some of the results after that. Teams like the Raiders, Vikings, Falcons and Chiefs, who are all perceived to have great fans, didn’t score that well. Now keep in mind that this is based on the 2012 season and current social media numbers – so it’s not saying fans of the teams that didn’t score well aren’t loyal, it’s just saying they’re not as engaged.

It’s not surprising to see losing teams score poorly, because if you’re not winning, you’re not putting people in the seats. But it’s a little shocking when a playoff team like Minnesota places 21st.

It will be interesting to see how these rankings change in 2013 as some teams figure to improve, while others decline. I would be shocked if the bottom four teams don’t move up this year, as all are projected to starting turning things around. As far as the top of the list is concerned, the Cowboys, Patriots and Packers, aren’t going anywhere. There could be some minor fluxuation in the top 10 in 2013 and beyond, but for the most part they’re all established teams in big markets that will continue to draw fans for years to come.


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