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Washington Redskins’ Robert Griffin III-Mike Shanahan Feud Fueled By Media


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Enough with the criticism of Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III.

In case you haven’t heard, the latest buzz to come out of Richmond, Virginia, the home of Redskins’ training camp, is that RG3 isn’t a fan of the way head coach Mike Shanahan is handling his recovery. Griffin wants to play and Shanahan won’t let him.

Who cares? People — media and fans — have been treating the relationship between Shanahan and Griffin as if they were dating. They’re not. They have a professional relationship because they are coworkers. Stop reading so much into the he said, she said thing. It’s pointless and only gets people into trouble.

Griffin is a gamer and just wants to play — that’s all he’s really saying. He want’s to get out on the field and be with his teammates and get back to playing the game of football. The Redskins are taking his rehab slowly to ensure he’ll be able to play during Week 1.

We should all be encouraged by how antsy RG3 is getting. That means he’s almost, if not already ready to come back to the game of football. Shanahan said it best yesterday when he told reporters that great players want to get in during practice and during games and just simply play football.

There’s nothing more to see here. There is no feud between Griffin and Shanahan. Griffin is more likely upset with the situation, not the people involved in it. Just because he doesn’t agree with the Redskins’ recovery game plan for him doesn’t mean he hates the people that devised the plan.

It’s refreshing to see a quarterback controversy out of Redskins camp that deals with a superstar athlete like Griffin. Redskins fans suffered through the Patrick Ramsey, Dan Wuerffel, Mark Brunell and Rex Grossman years. If this is the worst type of media attention the quarterback position is bringing, then something is going right.

Griffin’s attitude in camp should only excite members of the media and fans. All along he’s been saying he’s healthy and that he’s ready to play, and some have still questioned him. He’s now starting to show some extreme eagerness to get back on the field, and that is encouraging.

While many are portraying into this recent outburst as a negative, it should be taken more as a positive and a sign that RG3 will be under center in Week 1 against the Philadelphia Eagles on Monday Night Football.

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