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5 Undrafted Free Agents Who Could Make The Baltimore Ravens Roster

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5 Undrafted Free Agents That Could Make The Baltimore Ravens Roster

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Before I get started, I have to comment on the photo above. Is that, or is that not, an awesome guitar? I thought about not using that picture, but I had to do it. Back to the matter at hand, and that’s determining five current Baltimore Ravens undrafted rookies that have a shot at making the 53-man roster this year.

This list, by all means, is not saying that these guys will definitely make the squad, it’s just about guys that have a legitimate shot even if the odds aren’t terribly great. Some of them have stood out in practice, some in the first preseason game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and some of them have yet to make an impact.

It’s easy to dismiss undrafted free agents at first. Nobody really knows who they are and what they’re credentials are and can be. To remind people how big of an impact the undrafted guys can be, let me just run down the line of some of the prominent Ravens players past and present who didn’t have their name called on draft day...

Dannelle Ellerbe, Jameel McClain, Bart Scott, Priest Holmes, Mike Flynn... I could keep going on for a while, but I think I made my point. For all the people that complain about the preseason (I used to be one of them), just think, you could be watching the future stars of the league possibly. I realized that a few years ago, and ever since I’ve had a whole different mind set about preseason games.

Here’s a list of five new undrafted free agents for the Ravens to keep and eye on, because I think they all have a shot of making the team.

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Matt Furstenburg

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I’ll admit his chances of making the team took a hit with the Dallas Clark signing, but I’m holding out hope. Ed Dickson is injured and there's no timetable on his return.

Billy Bajema is more of a blocking tight end and Visanthe Schiancoe isn’t exactly lighting the world on fire. If Furstenburg has a few good preseason performances combined with some bad Schiancoe performances, then who knows?

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Marlon Brown

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Marlon Brown is another guy like Furstenburg who could take advantage of the current injury situation at his position. Deonte Thompson suffered a sprained foot and there's no timetable for his return either.

Brown had the best showing of any receiver in the first preseason game, besides Laquan Williams. The current competition at receiver is wide open right now with nobody is really separating themselves from the competition. A couple of good performances from Brown can get him in the conversation.

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Moe Lee

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Moe Lee’s name has been popping up everywhere. He had an interception in the first preseason games, but foolishly tried to lateral ala Ed Reed.

Lee is a very aggressive (maybe too aggressive) corner that fits the Ravens hard-nosed persona. Lee could very possibly beat out older CB Chris Johnson for one of the last spots on the depth chart.

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Brynden Trawick

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I must admit I had never heard of Brynden Trawick before the preseason started, that is until he blocked a punt in the end zone that was recovered for a touchdown. That’s all it takes some times is just one play to get your name out there.

Considering he’s a safety and that the team really only has three locks for that position (Matt Elam, Michael Huff and James Idhedigbo), I’d say that Trawick has the best chances of any player on this list of making the team.

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Rogers Gaines

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Rogers Gaines has yet to really stand out yet, but his physical tools are something that can’t be ignored (6-foot-6, 334 pounds).

Current LT Bryant McKinnie is no longer a spring chicken and the Ravens will need a new LT of the future sooner rather than later. Gaines is a project, but he has a ton of upside that can’t be ignored.