Clinton Portis Leads Group of 83 Former NFL Players in Concussion Lawsuit; Time For League to Pay Up

By Andrew Fisher
NFL Concussion Lawsuit
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Clinton Portis recently gave some insight on what playing days in the NFL were like. The former running back revealed that he had a constant battle with concussions throughout his entire career.

“The truth is I had a lot of concussions. It was just the way things were at the time. I’d get hit hard and be woozy. I’d be dizzy. I’d take a play off and then go back in. Sometimes when I went back into the game, I still couldn’t see straight. This happened all the time. Sometimes once or twice a game,” said Portis.

Portis added that he had so many concussions, that he stopped counting them. His story caught my attention as I’m sure it did the NFL’s. Now, the former running back is the lead plantiff in a lawsuit against his former employer. Portis joins 82 other former players, including Daunte Culpepper and Cadillac Willams, that are seeking redemption in the form of currency from the NFL, in one of many suits against the league.

I don’t blame players like Portis one bit for jumping on board the legal action against the league. Until very recently, there was little-to-no concussion prevention taking place. Sure, the NFL has probably been learning along the way about the long-term dangers of concussions, but it’s still the employer’s job to protect its employees. I’m sure that the players’ side will argue that the NFL should have been doing more to learn about the impact of repeated shots to the head.

It’s a violent game and people are always going to get hurt, but something has to be done about the concussion issue. I believe that something should be the NFL sharing its truckload of money with former players like Portis, Culpepper and Williams.


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