Does Tom Brady’s Knee Injury Make Miami Dolphins Favorites To Win AFC East?

Tom Brady stomped on by the Miami Dolphins

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Don’t look now, but if Tom Brady‘s knee injury is even halfway serious, then Ryan Tannehill is the best starting quarterback in the AFC East…how scary is that?

Either way, the New England Patriots‘ quarterback apparently left Wednesday’s practice in pain and the folks in Foxborough are freaking out. Conversely, the Miami Dolphins‘ fan base is currently jumping for joy and hoping that Brady never walks again. However, even if Brady is gone for a significant amount of time, are the Dolphins the immediate favorites to win the AFC East in 2013?

I say no.

After bringing Mike Wallace to town this offseason the Miami bandwagon all but capsized and now it’s getting even bigger. Unfortunately, Brady’s injury doesn’t solve the Phins’ woes at offensive line — in just two NFL preseason games the Miami offensive line has been thoroughly embarrassed. Not to mention, the last time that Brady went down for the entire season the Pats somehow finished 10-6 and that injury came in Week 1 of the regular season; now, New England is able to set up a plan nearly a month prior to its first meaningful game.

Anyway, the Dolphins are not ready to compete in the AFC East. For starters, Miami is led by a second-year coach who isn’t qualified enough to be Bill Belichick’s fashion designer and just because the ‘Phins have Tannehill doesn’t mean they can beat the Brady-less Patrtiots.

Don’t worry about No. 12, you have problems of your own, Miami.

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  • Randy Curry

    “Bill Belichick’s fashion designer” sounds real cute but here some FACTS ……

    1. Bill Belicheat had a LOSING RECORD before Tom Brady.

    2. There are many 2nd year head coaches that have had great success.

    3. The last time Tom Brady was hurt, Miami won the AFC East with Sparano (an inferior coach to Philbin).

    4. The gap between the Cheatriots and the Fins is closing. We will see how fast.

    The less than 1% of Dolphin fans that would “jump for joy if Brady never
    walked again” are moronic idiots who need to get a grip on reality.
    Most players on every team are good people and no decent human being
    should route for anyone to be seriously hurt.

    Although I must admit that I will be routing for Wake, Jordan, Vernon & Co. to BRUISE & RATTLE Brady a bit. After all, it is a rough sport and they are well paid.

  • Devin O’Barr

    1. Belichick has 5 Super Bowl titles! Two as a defensive coordinator and three as head coach…end of story.

    2. Miami doesn’t have the look of a contender and Philibin would be a gym teacher if it wasn’t for Aaron Rodgers.

    3. Good point.

    4. The gap you speak of has been aided by a surplus of injuries to the Patriots’ key players. Once again, Miami is hardly a contending team a total smoke-and-mirrors team.

    As a Chicago Bears fan, I personally would be rather ecstatic if Rodgers went down with injury. I wouldn’t broadcast it, but it’s the nature of the game. Jay Cutler has been hurt each of the last two years and Green Bay has let me know. Trust me.

  • Paul Charles Sherwood

    1. Once your caught cheating, your record and stats mean nothing, look at A-Rod.

    2. Miami most certainly has the look of a contender, they were in the hunt for the playoffs in December of last year. And this team is 4 times better than 2012 Dolphins. Also, who would Belichick be without Brady? A coach of a team that COMPLETELY fell apart this offseason, when you have more drama surrounding your team then the Jets, you can guarantee a bit of a struggle coming into this season.

    3. Skip.

    4. The gap is most certainly closed between them. Add in the fact that NE has NO and i mean NO receivers outside of the “cant make it through an entire season” amendola, who is also a massive downgrade from Welker. NE is going to struggle this year. Do i think Brady is talented? Yes, of course, do i feel that even if Brady stays in and is healthy, the dolphins could push for the title of AFC East? Hell yes.

    Do i also think that this article is silly and one sided. Most certainly.