Don't Press the Panic Button on the Chicago Bears Offense

By M. Quann Boyd
Jay Cutler
Jeremy Brevard USA Today Sports

Through two and a half weeks of training camp, and a single preseason game, the lone question that remains is, should the Chicago Bears be concerned about their (lack of) offensive execution?

Truth be told, as a tried and true Bears fan, I should be in full-panic mode. However, like I stated previously, the Bears have only had one preseason outing and like a bulk of teams around the league, they looked sloppy. Now, that’s no excuse for the poor performance of the Bears offense against the Carolina Panthers, but if one were to really examine the team’s first ten snaps on the field, one can see that the Bears might be on the right track.

Okay, okay, I know that I’ve complained in regards to Jay Cutler and the Bears first offensive series against the Panthers that resulted in an interception, but that play not withstanding, in ten snaps, Cutler completed six of eight passes for 56 yards. Now, those numbers are pathetic, even in limited action, but as Marc Trestman revealed after the game: it was Cutler himself who audibled into several of the pass plays. Despite how Cutler has looked in training camp, his in-game reads show a comprehension of Trestman’s offense. Or at least a better understanding.

So, with a Thursday night preseason matchup against the San Diego Chargers, the Bears and Cutler have a chance to show their improvement, and that’s on all levels of the offensive unit. In order for the offense to show just how far along it’s come, the still in-flux offensive line needs to fire off the ball and open running lanes for Matt Forte and keep Cutler upright on passing downs.

I, for one, believe it’s too early to give up on them.

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