New England Patriots: Is Tom Brady's Wife Gisele Bundchen A Jinx?

By Will Gellman

After Tom Brady left Wednesday’s practice with what turned out to be a knee sprain, many NFL fans were wondering about his status. While I must admit that I thought the injury looked much worse than it ended up being, from the moment the injury occurred, something strange came to my mind: “Is Gisele Bundchen a jinx who is partly to blame for this?”

Now, most people would find this ridiculous and not even worthy of discussion. However, if you look at Gisele and Brady’s history together, you may notice something very odd. Since Brady and Gisele began dating in December of 2006, Brady has had a plethora of bad luck.

First, in 2007 the Patriots started the season 18-0, only to lose the Super Bowl on a play that could not be duplicated if it was attempted hundreds of times over.  That of course, was the catch made by David Tyree against the New York Giants in Super Bowl XLII. Can anyone guess who was at that game? Yup, you guessed it, Gisele.

In his very next regular season game in 2008, as all New England Patriots‘ fans know, Brady landed awkwardly on a deep pass attempt on his left knee against the Kansas City Chiefs.  He would be diagnosed with a torn ACL, missing the entire season as a result. The Patriots would go on to miss the playoffs that year for the first time since 2002. Could this have been part two of the Gisele Jinx?

Another interesting fact to take notice of is that Brady has not won a Super Bowl since he and Gisele got together in 2006. He has lost two of them since, in fact. To me, this is not just a mere coincidence, it is a jinx. Most NFL fans know about Tony Romo‘s jinx while dating Jessica Simpson. He dated her for a while, and every time she came to one of his games, he would play poorly.

This brings me to Wednesday afternoon, when the latest Brady jinx occurred. After Tuesday’s practice, Gisele and Brady were seen together with their son Benjamin at Gillete Stadium. Now, I am supposed to believe that the day after Brady is on the field with Gisele, a weird injury on the same knee he hurt in 2008, happened by mere coincidence?

To me, it sounds like a long line of coincidences since Brady has dated Gisele. The conspiracy theorist that I am, I believe that Brady is officially jinxed. In my humble opinion, Gisele should stay home while Brady plays his games. The team and the fans do not want to keep dealing with these “coincidences” whenever she shows up.

Do you believe in the Gisele Jinx?  Is it all just a big coincidence?  Feel free to comment on the subject in the “comments” section below.

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