Tom Brady's Knee Injury is Minor, But Still a Big Deal

By Andrew Fisher

The last thing the New England Patriots‘ needed was an injury to their franchise quarterback Tom Brady. It’s already been one heck of an offseason for the Pats. They’re currently down both starting tight ends and their top wide receiver from a season ago. But everything was going to be fine as long as Brady was still behind center. That was temporarily called into question on Wednesday, when the All-Pro QB went down with a knee injury.

Brady apparently ‘felt something’ in his left knee during practice. He fell to the ground grasping the knee after a collision and then limped to the sidelines. Brady returned a play later, but eventually headed back to the locker room for further evaluation. At that point, Twitter just exploded. With each minuted that passed, anxiety rapidly increased for Pats’ fans. Normally, when a player feeling something in his knee it wouldn’t be a story, but when it’s Tom Brady’s surgically repaired left knee, it’s a big story.

The latest reports are luckily stating that the injury is very minor and that the star QB should be back on the field Thursday.

Some will argue that this was story was blown way out of proportion by the media, and to an extent it was. But I think this story exists only because of technology. Star players going down at practice is huge deal, and it always has been. But now with people able to instantly upload video and report news mere seconds after it happens – it gets everyone’s attention real quick.

You can call this injury minor and downplay it, but if the Patriots had lost Brady, their hopes of winning another Super Bowl this season would all but have gone down the toilet.


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