What Exactly Does Seattle Seahawks Coach Rocky Seto’s Job Description Mean?

By Michael Terrill
What Exactly Does Seattle Seahawks Coach Rocky Seto’s Job Description Mean
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Rocky Seto has spent his entire coaching career with Pete Carroll, whether it was at the collegiate level or with the Seattle Seahawks. For 13 years, Seto has done what is asked of him by Carroll, which has served both men very well. However, Seto now has an interesting job title in which he has been named defensive passing game coordinator for the Seahawks.

“Mainly I’m just assisting Coach Quinn on the defensive end, and whatever Coach Carroll has,” Seto said, according to The Olympian. “I think it’s a unique role because Coach (Carroll) and I have been together for 13 years. So I kind of fit into niches, and really whatever the team and the defense needs.

“It may be centered (on) the pass game. It may be about turnovers. It may be about tackling, or teaching principles. Ultimately, Dan (Quinn) makes all the decisions, but we all collectively as a staff come up with the suggestions.”

Seto will work hand-in-hand with defensive coordinator Dan Quinn as the two men will help form one of the most feared secondaries in the NFL heading into the 2013 season. He has done such a terrific job with the defensive passing game as an assistant defensive backs coach that Carroll believed the 37-year-old deserved the opportunity with the upgraded job title. Obviously, there will be more responsibility but Carroll believes he can handle it.

“If I can help out in improving their teaching principles, or teaching methods, or any of their concepts and make them more concise, that’s kind of how I see my role,” Seto said, according to The Olympian.

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