Baltimore Ravens' Marc Anthony Looks To Rebound From Poor Performance

By Jermaine Lockett
Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

Players that the Baltimore Ravens draft are not exactly guaranteed a roster spot, but they normally make the cut. Unfortunately for seventh-round pick Marc Anthony, he’ll have to make a hard push for his spot on the 53-man roster. Last Thursday’s performance against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers was a push in the wrong direction.

Mike Glennon and company managed to have their way with the former player in college. His press coverage was sub-par and wide receivers were able to beat him off the line entirely too easily. The whole point of being up on a receiver is to put your hands on them and make the next couple of seconds you have with them memorable.

It’s not easy, but the goal is to want them to hate lining up and seeing your number. That was utterly not the case with Anthony. He practically opened the door for them to “Moss” him on passing downs.

Anthony eventually began to pull it together, registering one tackle to prevent the Buccaneers from converting on a third down. He had good draft reviews, and Ozzie Newsome knows draft gems when he sees them, so maybe he’s not condemned after just one game. His competition wasn’t on their “A-game” that night either, as both Jimmy Smith and Corey Graham had miscues on their part.

This 5-foot-11 Chandler, Arizona native will try to rebound from his last performance this Thursday evening against arguably one of the most talented receiving corps in the country. If Anthony can thrive against the likes of Julio Jones, Roddy White and Harry Douglas, he will clearly be deserving of a roster spot.

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