Chip Kelly Must Remember Philadelphia Eagles' Tradition Of Tough Defense

By williambontrager
kelly and roseman
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

I am pleading with weasly GM Howie Roseman and head coach, Chip Kelly: do not forget the defense. The tackling, or supreme lack thereof, allowed the New England Patriots to casually stroll in to the end zone last game.

Some commentators are under the viewpoint that the Philadelphia Eagles‘ defense can be mediocre if the new Kelly offense can prove itself deadly to opponents. A few brave members of the media has even stretched it, comparing it to the offense of the Indianapolis Colts and Peyton Manning.

Fine, even though I laughingly disagree that Michael VickNick Foles, or the Kelly gimmick system will stymie defenses for long; but for the sake of argument, let’s say that it does. Vick or Foles charges out of the gate, and like the old Colts team, they constantly score on their unsuspecting teams.

Suddenly, the Eagles are being compared to the Colts.The old traditional scoring drives of the birds, which often ended in a field goal followed by some nasty defense, is over. It welcomes in a new Eagles era:  fast, flashy offense dominating the Delaware Valley.

Still, there will be no Super Bowl ring, and that is what it is about. With no defense and a stellar offense, Manning was only able to win just one of them. Take a glance at some of the repeat Super Bowl champs: the Pittsburgh Steelers, New York Giants, and most previously the Baltimore Ravens. These teams are renown for their tenacious defense. This should be a flashing beacon to those that think a great offense can carry the weight of a staggering defense.

Against the Patriots, we saw the result of a defense that was not acquainted with the toughness needed on the battlefield. If the defense keeps looking like that, it will be up to Roseman to find players in the future to fit the system. Trent Cole and Brandon Graham might have to be replaced with some young and talented pure outside linebackers.

In the meantime, Kelly cannot forget the secondary. He cannot allow Nate Allen to stink up the place by keeping him in as a starter. He cannot forget that hard-hitting defense is still the key to success in the NFL. The fate of that defense rests on them in many ways.

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