Indianapolis Colts’ Greg Manusky Wants Defensive Playmakers to Step Up

By Michael Terrill
Indianapolis Colts’ Greg Manusky Wants Defensive Playmakers to Step Up
Douglas Jones-USA TODAY Sports

The Indianapolis Colts believe they have what it takes to reach the playoffs for the second consecutive season and make some noise in the AFC. For now, the team must concentrate on elevating their level of play before the start of the regular season. That is why defensive coordinator Greg Manusky wants to see difference makers emerge on defense and step up to the plate.

“The biggest thing that I always tell them, ‘In this league there’s difference-makers, guys that will come into the league and be difference-makers,” Manusky said, according to “Are you one of those guys? Are you a solid football player, a good football player?’

“Usually they’re the guys that are the fastest, the quickest and have knowledge of football and what plays are going to be coming to them. That’s what we’re looking for.”

Indianapolis’ second preseason game will give the first-team defense, and the players competing for a starting spot, an opportunity to show Manusky they are capable of being a playmaker. The players will have a few series (roughly 15 snaps) to separate themselves from the rest of the pack.

“I say the one thing that you have to do when you’re in the preseason is blow out your lungs,” Manusky told “A lot of things, you don’t want to get into that Oakland game in the beginning of the year and be sucking eggs. So I still want to see them somehow blow out their lungs before that first game.”

It will be interesting to see who rises above the rest to become a leader for the other players on defense.

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