Is Cary Williams Right To Want Philadelphia Eagles' Defense To Get Tougher?

By Ryan Wenzell
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Cary Williams once again made his opinion known at Philadelphia Eagles training camp as he stated that the Eagles defense looked soft and needed some toughness and nastiness instilled in it.

These comments certainly are interesting from someone who, until recently, was riding the stationary bike at practice and hadn’t been through live drills more than a handful of times throughout camp. Williams’ comments are admirable in a sense as the Eagles’ defense doesn’t strike fear into any offense’s hearts right now, but his comments come off as case of  “do as I say, but not as I do”.

Williams has been very vocal and blunt since being signed from the Super Bowl champion Baltimore Ravens. When he first arrived, he stated that he missed mini camp because he had to pick out sconces and get dental work done — hardly a legitimate excuse to miss valuable practice time.

Now, having not played a snap in the first preseason game and with nagging injuries he has, he is telling his fellow defensive players not to be so soft?

Williams is walking a fine line here. If he backs up his talk on the field and is a solid shutdown corner for the Eagles, all will be well in Philadelphia in regards to Williams. If he comes out and embarrasses himself, showing him to be an average corner as he was much of the time in Baltimore, then he won’t receive the royal treatment from fans and teammates.

Williams is on a tight rope here. Let’s hope he can back up his talk.

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