Is Doug Martin Destined For Greatness?

By John Beauchamp
Doug Martin
Daniel Shirey-USA Today Sports

In the 2012 NFL Draft the Tampa Bay Buccaneers made a trade to gain another first round pick, and with that pick the Bucs selected running back Doug Martin out of Boise State. Many people knew that Martin was going to be a good back, but nobody expected him perform so well so quickly.

When Martin was in the process of being drafted many compared him to be just like Pro Bowl running back for the Baltimore Ravens Ray Rice. Martin and Rice are very similar, but during Rice’s rookie year he didn’t play all 16 games and didn’t even get the ball half as much as Martin did. Last season, Martin rushed for 1,454 yards; Rice has never reached that number in a single season.

One flaw that I see in Martin’s numbers is that he got the ball 319 times which is more than Rice and closer to Arian Foster and Adrian Peterson. Foster didn’t have as many yards as Martin but had more touchdowns, and Peterson has numbers incomparable to any running back in the league. Martin’s rookie season came to an end as a Pro Bowl alternate with bright plans for him and the Buccaneers’ future.

This season much more is expected of Martin as I think he could be in for a Pro Bowl year with rushing yards above 2,500 yards and touchdowns over 15. The Buccaneers’ first preseason game was last Thursday against the Ravens, and Martin played very little as he only got the ball twice.

Martin should play a little bit more this week against the New England Patriots, but you should see only a couple of drives for him. The most you will see of Martin in the preseason will be week three against the Miami Dolphins.

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