Injury Scare To New England Patriots' Tom Brady Blown Way Out Of Proportion

By Josh Sippie

Tom Brady is the face of the New England Patriots, that much is certain. So when he hits the dirt in a joint practice, the entire original 13 colonies hold their breath — until he’s fine.

Well guess what? He’s fine.

Now there’s interviews with Tampa Bay Buccaneers defensive end Adrian Clayborn and Patriots left tackle Nate Solder about what they were thinking and why they could possibly be doing so close to the beloved husband of Giselle. Clayborn pushed Solder in a typical bull rush, and Solder fell backwards into Brady. End of story.

Why hasn’t anyone proposed a bounty scandal yet? Isn’t that the next step? Is it ‘Tebow Time yet?

Had this happened to someone like Blaine Gabbert or even to the other quarterback at the joint practice, Josh Freeman, the report would have been all of 30 seconds: “Josh Freeman avoids serious knee injury. Moving on, Johnny Manziel is still a terrible person.”

But no, it was Tom Brady, the NFL‘s sweetheart, and thankfully now he knows that the NFL loves him. After he missed the 2008 season, maybe the report deserved a one-minute slot just to remind everyone that it was indeed the same knee that was destroyed by Bernard Pollard. But again — end of story.

Why is it even necessary to hear what Clayborn and Solder had to say? Better yet, what did ESPN and sports reporters everywhere expect them to say? Maybe Clayborn should have admitted, “After my knee injury in 2012, I just wanted someone else more important than me to see what it felt like.”

Now that would be a story well worth the excessive coverage that is being dedicated to it.

Tom Brady is fine; he’s going to take the Patriots to another division title and by Week 1, when he’s out there making it rain to well-known receivers like Aaron Dobson and Danny Amendola, no one will even remember that he fell over in practice that one day.

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