Philadelphia Eagles: Chip Kelly and Michael Vick Perfect Together

By Bob Francis
Michael Vick
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Since his arrival in the NFL in 2001, Michael Vick has been one of the most dynamic offensive performers to grace the field. His lightning speed, elusiveness and cannon-like arm have been the trademarks of the show. However, even with these weapons, Vick has been unable to win the “big” game and has only been to the playoffs four times during his 12 year career.

Coaches salivate at the opportunity of Vick leading their offense, but none have been able to harness it correctly and make it work to their advantage in the long run.

Chip Kelly enters his first season as head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles with a ton of expectations surrounding his successful and innovative spread offense. He continues to conduct a quarterback competition, but the answer seems to be right in front of him.

Vick has been a question mark at times in his career, with critics wondering why he can’t lead his teams to greatness. Could the coach be the problem? Surely, Kelly is the perfect fit for the dynamic Vick. He bring an offense built for a quarterback possessing Vick’s skill set: a mobile quarterback with the ability to avoid tacklers at will, equipped with an arm able to take advantage of defenses with the single flick of the wrist.

Kelly couldn’t have built himself a quarterback any better than the one he was given in Vick, yet he seems unsure about making the final decision to put him behind center. Could it be because of the the failures of the coaches who have come before him?

Kelly would be crazy not to take advantage of such a gift. He may be the only coach who can use each and every one of Vick’s extraordinary talents and make them work in a high-octane offense unlike any the league has seen before. Vick and Kelly are the perfect match for each other. It’s time the Eagles got to work and built a team around the best thing they have going for them — the tandem at the helm.

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