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5 Baltimore Ravens Dark Horses Who Will Make the 53-Man Roster

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5 Baltimore Ravens Dark Horses Who Will Make the 53-Man Roster

Title Ravens Darkhorses
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Every year players work hard to ensure when training camp comes around and their name is called, they can produce at a high level. There are veterans who come into camp knowing they have a job, there are rookies who feel that their draft position guarantees them a spot, and then there are the “Dark Horses”. I am about to introduce you five men who don’t know how to quit.

These men have heard most of their lives that they were not big enough, fast enough, that they’re too old or that they have potential but just can’t put it all together. Those words are what they feed off of; it’s what fuels their drive. It’s what brought them to the Baltimore Ravens Training Camp. This year, these few “Dark Horses” will refuse to settle for the Practice Squad.

Coaches continue to sit back in awe as each player stays on a grind to stack play on top of play. Even after bad play or bad news, the resiliency of these five men is unmatched by any other rookie or recently signed free-agent pushing to make the team.

John Harbaugh will see the diligence and endurance of these five men and with full confidence reserve a slot for them on the 53-man roster. Harbaugh admires hard work in all aspects of the game. It doesn’t matter what your position is, hard work is hard work; if you’re a long snapper then you be the best darn long snapper and special teams player you can be. It will be noticed and you will make my “Dark Horses” list and even Harbaugh’s team.

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5. Matt Furstenburg, TE

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Furstenburg has observed the Ravens bring two big name TEs into camp to replace the production of Dennis Pitta. He's not discouraged because he knows if he keeps his nose to the grind, coaches will notice and reward him with playing time. He's made a few flashy plays this preseason and they will keep coming.

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4. Brandon Williams, NT

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This big man is working hard and turning heads in camp. Terrence Cody might want to start looking at the classifieds. His replacement is here.

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3. Aaron Mellette, WR

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Mellette may be low on the depth chart, but if his catches in the end zone keep stacking up John Harbaugh will have no choice but to let him run with the ones for a few snaps. His name will resonate in fans' ears for years to come.

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2. Arthur Jones

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Having his brother, the UFC Champion of the world, Jon "Bones" Jones help him train in the offseason is a plus. Let it be known he made the roster the last few years on his own notoriety and hard work. Jones will make Chris Canty fight for playing time.

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1. Asa Jackson

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He will not be seen after the preseason until Week 8 due to PED violation, but Jackson will leave on the highest of notes; he will have a spot once he returns because of his current play. With the way Jimmy Smith is playing you will see him push the starters for time once he returns.