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5 Reasons Why Washington Redskins’ Robert Griffin III Should Ignore Donovan McNabb

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5 Reasons Why RG3 Should Ignore Donovan McNabb

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What’s wrong, Donovan McNabb? Why must you constantly attack Washington Redskins’ quarterback Robert Griffin III? What did he ever do to you?

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the situation, Donovan McNabb has been highly critical of the superstar quarterback ever since he first entered the NFL. This summer, when the buzz really kicked up about RG3’s possible return for week one, McNabb has literally had something to say about everything RG3.

Earlier in the summer, when RG3 was making public appearances and telling people that he would, indeed, be ready to go week one, McNabb said that he was doing too much. He said that the press conferences that RG3 held weekly at OTAs were, “...a circus, a sideshow. It takes away from the focus of what those sessions are supposed to be about: the team.”

A sideshow? Ever since RG3 injured his knee he’s been the top Redskins story at virtually every media outlet that covers the Washington Redskins. Regardless of if he held press conferences or not, RG3 and his knee were going to be the focus of the media no matter what.

Most recently, Donovan McNabb said that RG3 has been “brainwashed” by the Redskins organization. McNabb told reporters that he just wants to talk to Griffin. When asked about possibly talking to McNabb, Griffin essentially declined the offer. McNabb responded to that by accusing the Redskins of brainwashing the young quarterback.

Even more so, McNabb went ahead and blanket-swept the whole young-gun quarterback class by saying that these young quarterbacks think they know it all already. What? Just because they don’t want to hear advice from you means they think they know it all? Come on, Donovan, you’re better than this.

If you’re wondering if this has anything to do with McNabb’s failure with the Redskins, you’re probably right. That’s still no excuse. He’s acting immature and is just being plain annoying.

The ball is now in Robert Griffin III’s court. How should he go about handling the situation? He should just ignore him. The following are five reasons why Robert Griffin III should ignore the pesky and obnoxious Donovan McNabb.

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He Just Wants Attention

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There really is no reason for Donovan McNabb to be so critical of Robert Griffin III. Of all the things he could say about RG3, for example how he is as a player, McNabb has chosen to criticize his former team and its new leader. He just wants a soundbite to build popularity for his sports radio talk show.

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He's Just Jealous

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When the Redskins traded with the Philadelphia Eagles for McNabb, many believed that Mike Shanahan had finally found his quarterback for the future. Unfortunately, McNabb turned out be a total bust and then blamed the Redskins' lack of success on Mike Shanahan's inability to make an offense made specifically to his playing style.

Then comes Robert Griffin III. The Redskins created an offense that played to his strengths and Griffin was able to make a much bigger impact on the team than McNabb could. Heck, RG3 not getting benched in favor of Rex Grossman was enough to make him more of a success in D.C. than McNabb.

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He's In His Post-Playing Crisis

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The way Donovan McNabb's career ended was not exactly as he planned. Now, he's trying to build himself back up to the influential former-star quarterback that he hoped he would be when he retired by making bold, ridiculous, statements about a star quarterback.

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He's Not A Know-It-All

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While Donovan McNabb certainly has the credibility to talk about the play of a quarterback, there's no denying that, he certainly doesn't have the credentials to speak on a guy's character and personality. He may know an awful lot about RG3 as a player on the field, but there's no way he knows enough about RG3 off the field to proclaim whether or not he's been brainwashed. He needs to stick to his level of expertise and that's what goes on on the field.

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Responding Will Only Make The Situation Worse

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In grade school, teachers always said that the best way to get rid of a bully is to ignore a bully. If RG3 attempts to respond to McNabb or even confront him in an attempt to defend himself and his team, it will only blow up in his face. He has already fallen under heavy criticism for what he said about coach Mike Shanahan’s rehab plan for him. Any sort of comment with respect to Donovan McNabb will only create a bigger headache, not relieve the one he already has.