Carolina Panthers Must Use Preseason Loss as a Learning Experience

By Michael Terrill
Carolina Panthers Must Use Preseason Loss as a Learning Experience
Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

The Carolina Panthers showed Thursday night in their preseason loss to the Philadelphia Eagles that they still have plenty to work on if they want to be taken seriously in 2013. The good news is the team can use the dismal performance as a learning experience to improve in time for the regular season opener.

There is no question it is better to play bad and get it out of the way in the preseason then to lay an egg in Week 1. Not performing well in the preseason can be a good thing because players stay more focused on the task at hand. Too many times teams coast through the four exhibition games and think it is going to be easy street during the regular season. However, that usually backfires and leaves a team wanting more come January.

“Sometimes you can make too much of a preseason game,” tight end Greg Olsen said, according to “It is a big deal anytime you take the field – you want to play well, you want to win. But at the same time, it is a learning experience against teams you haven’t really been game-planning for.

“This is the time that you want to find out what your weaknesses are so you can correct them. That’s what the preseason is all about.”

It is very important how Carolina treats the loss. If they study hard in the film room and improve on the practice field, then the defeat could be the best thing that happened to them. It all depends on how they build off the disappointing effort.

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