Dawan Landry is the Perfect Fit to Lead New York Jets Secondary

By Matthew Solomon
The Star Ledger-USA TODAY Sports

Things have been a little crazy for the New York Jets this offseason. The biggest change for the team, at least on the defensive side of the ball, is not having Darrelle Revis roaming around as the shut down corner. With all the issues that have gone on over the past couple of seasons with his contract issues, it’s a good thing the Jets got rid of him so they no longer have to deal with that kind of a headache. It was undeniable that Revis was the leader of the team in that secondary, so now with him gone the Jets need somebody to step into that role. Many people around the team feel that Dawan Landry is the perfect fit to take over that leadership role.

Yes I know the Jets still have Antonio Cromartie, and he is very capable of leading that secondary, but it looks as if Landry is going to be the guy to lead this secondary. The safety is new to Gang Green this season, and he’s going to have to make things happen quickly for a Jets team that has disappointed in recent years. Landry is going to have to lead a crop of safeties and cornerbacks that don’t have a lot of experience and need guidance. Landry has proven himself to be a great football player and a leader for this young football team.

Landry has showed he can play the game, and play it well, since he broke into the NFL with the Baltimore Ravens in 2006. He played in all 16 games and racked up 69 total tackles, three sacks, and five interceptions. It is still seen as one of his top seasons as a pro. Over the next few years, Landry played consistently and with great numbers, except for 2008 when he was dealing with injuries. However, after coming back, he posted huge numbers in 2009 and 2010 with 89 and 111 total tackles, respectively. So we know he can be an impact player, and he will provide that impact in the Jets secondary, which they so desperately need.

His name has been thrown around the league for a long time now for his effectiveness in the secondary. The Landry name is becoming well known in the NFL, as his brother, LaRon Landry, is currently with the Indianapolis Colts, after spending time over the last two seasons playing with the Jets.  It’s clear the  Landry family has had an impact on the Jets. But unlike LaRon, Dawan is going to have a bigger impact on this Jets team. His numbers speak for themselves. Landry is far from done with his effectiveness, and he’s got a lot of time left in this game. Someone on the Jets’ brass realized that too, and they know he can bring great gameplay to the team and veteran leadership to the overall defense.


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