Is Baltimore Ravens' Joe Flacco Becoming an Attraction for Free Agents?

By Wola Odeniran
Joe Flacco
Evan Habeeb- USA TODAY Sports

When the Baltimore Ravens signed tight end Dallas Clark earlier this week, Clark made it a point to note that Joe Flacco was a big reason why he decided to sign with the defending Super Bowl champions. Contrary to others on the outside being critical of Flacco’s skills, it is apparent that Flacco’s body of work is speaking for itself. Clark told the team’s website:

“He’s a gamer and just a great leader. He can flat-out play the game. As a receiving tight end, that was No. 1 wherever I was going to go, they had to have a solid quarterback. This is better than that.”

Even another newly acquired wide receiver chimed in on the action praising Flacco as a primary reason why he chose the Ravens. Brandon Stokley said:

“Any time that you can be on the same team as an elite quarterback – which Joe is – it makes the job for the offense so much easier, and especially for a receiver.”

So when you hear two players, who played with Peyton Manning in the past, give that kind of praise to Flacco, you begin to understand why the Ravens signed the Super Bowl 47 MVP to a six-year deal worth $120 million and why the naysayers are wrong.

Not many quarterbacks on this earth can claim they have the type of arm strength Flacco has. Not many quarterbacks can claim they have the size and deceptive speed Flacco has either. The veteran is only getting better entering his sixth season in the NFL.

If others still don’t believe Flacco is that good, then ask yourself, “Why does Flacco have more wins than any other starting quarterback in the NFL since 2008″? No the answer isn’t, “The defense, and the running game are the only reasons why Flacco is successful”. To say such a thing is just someone looking for excuses not to give Flacco credit.

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