New York Jets' Rex Ryan Learned Nothing from His Time with the Baltimore Ravens

By Wola Odeniran
Rex Ryan
Andrew Weber- USA TODAY Sports

New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan seems to have learned nothing about the handling of the offense, especially the quarterback position from his time with the Baltimore Ravens. It’s quite sad, and laughable at the same time.

The Ravens, before John Harbaugh became the coach of the team in 2008, were strictly a team whose defense carried the burden for the team to go where they needed to go. The Ravens were a team with a dominating defense and a run-first offense with the quarterback not being asked to do too much.

That philosophy held true, especially when the Ravens won the Super Bowl in 2000 when Ryan was the defensive line coach at the time, and when quarterback Kyle Boller was on the team from 2003-2008. Boller had confidence issues, turnover issues, and bad mechanics in the pocket. Sounds familiar to Mark Sanchez? Yes it does. The only difference is former Ravens head coach Brian Billick didn’t have a tattoo of Boller on his body.

As good as the Ravens organization has been over the years, they understand they made mistakes with Boller. Yet Ryan doesn’t seem to remember or want to learn from those mistakes.

The Ravens, especially their defense highlighted by Ray Lewis and Ed Reed, actually liked the challenge of the being the lead dogs on the team with the defense being the big brother of the entire team. The defense sometimes would go about their business and the offense would go about theirs as well. Sounds familiar to what Ryan is doing with the Jets? Sure does.  But the only difference once again is Lewis and Reed actually were leaders of the entire team. But look at what Ryan said after the Jets’ first preseason game.

“I had my own issues on the other side of the ball, so I never really focused a whole lot when he was in there,” Ryan noted of quarterback Geno Smith via the New York Post.

Ryan seems to be holding on to the Ravens’ old philosophy. But even the Ravens, who are the current defending Super Bowl champions, knew at some point that they had to get out of that mindset and start getting better play from their quarterback in Joe Flacco.

It’s becoming more and more clear as to why the Ravens didn’t name Ryan head coach in 2008. It’s safe to say the Ravens made more than the right decision. Ryan isn’t willing to evolve from his philosophy with the Jets, and it will get him fired soon.

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