Philadelphia Eagles' Chip Kelly Smart To Praise Both QBs After Carolina Panthers Game

By williambontrager
Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

The reporters were trying to pick at Chip Kelly, but Kelly can chip back.

In the Andy Reid era, the media got nothing but the same tired expression, “we have to do a better job.” It is obvious that Kelly will not be like him, but charisma in the spotlights does not exactly make a winning coach.

Reid gave the Philadelphia Eagles some great, unforgettable years, but he was a man of few words. Kelly has already been more transparent so far, as was the case in his press conference after his Eagles beat the Carolina Panthers.

When reporters tried to pressure him into naming a starting quarterback, Kelly laughingly shrugged it off. He told them they’d better put down their pens if they think they are getting any information about Michael Vick and Nick Foles.

The media tried to allude to the fact that Foles never spread the field unlike Vick, who has thrown further and made shorter scoring drives with fewer plays. Kelly diffused this by explaining that both quarterbacks are remaining remarkably poised and are taking what the defense gives them.

It makes sense; seeing as how Vick is more of a running threat, the defense has to stay around him. This being the case, those long passes would naturally be open to him.

Anyone who thinks that Vick is going to have an easy time against Foles did not watch the game objectively. Both quarterbacks showed great leadership. Foles had one throw away, but he showed his worth other than that. After a roughing the passer call, he distributed the ball effectively to a number of his different offensive weapons. From back pedaling and hitting Riley Cooper, to scrambling in for a touchdown, Foles isn’t going away.

At least if we believe Kelly, anyway. What is happening has needed to happen in Philadelphia for years. Nobody is sacred. Everyone has to prove their worth, and those who are hungriest will get the starting jobs. As the Eagles prepare for their third preseason game, look for that same atmosphere of competition. It is the only way to run an organization if you want to win in the NFL.

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