Philadelphia Eagles' LeSean McCoy Dazzles In Preseason Debut

By Ryan Wenzell
Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

LeSean McCoy cut back left, then right, circling back all the way across the field and leaving at least three defenders in his wake in the process. It was a jaw-dropping run to be sure, and what we have come to expect from the Philadelphia Eagles running back.

This offense is tailored perfectly for McCoy. His change of direction and ability to cut on a dime is the perfect fit for what new head coach Chip Kelly envisions in a running back in his offense. What’s even more impressive is this was “Shady” McCoy’s first pre-season action and he did not show even a bit of rust.

McCoy looked like he was in mid-season form as he toasted Carolina Panthers defenders on runs and passes, leaving them helpless on many runs. McCoy is going to be the singular player that makes this offense go this season. Kelly likes to rely on the run a lot more than former head man Andy Reid. McCoy is going to be his workhorse and even though the Eagles boast impressive depth at running back, it will be McCoy that is relied on in crunch time when trying to pound the rock to preserve a win.

In pre-season game no. 1, we caught a glimpse of Shady McCoy’s ability in this offense, and it was nothing short of mouth-watering. His various jukes and jump cuts remind some of the great Barry Sanders, one of the all-time greats at the position. If McCoy can stay healthy, he is in for a monster season.

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