Pittsburgh Steelers: Should Le'Veon Bell's Knee Be A Concern?

By Donnie Druin

Being held out of the opening game of the preseason as a precaution for his knee, Le’Veon Bell was expecting to strap the pads up for his first taste of action as the Pittsburgh Steelers took on the Washington Redskins on Monday Night Football.

However, the latest shift of events will prevent that from happening. On Thursday, Bell once again sustained an injury to his knee which could possibly be an MCL sprain. Coach Mike Tomlin said Le’Veon would be reevaluated later, but it appears as if Bell will miss his second straight game.

Should Pittsburgh press the panic button on the second-round pick? Or should they stay calm and keep about their business?

Injuries are a part of the game of football. You’re going to get banged up in this gladiator-like sport. In some cases, players are fortunate to stay mostly healthy and develop fantastic careers, and in other cases, one injury just leads to the next. Le’Veon has no previous serious injury history, so he is not a liability, yet.

What started as “soreness in the knee” kept Bell out of action the previous week, and it’s likely to do the same on Monday night. Le’Veon was participating in non-contact drills when the recent injury occurred, having thought the play was over when a teammate knocked him to the ground.

With the previous two weeks making Bell’s knee look like it’s made of glass, the worried eyes and ears of Steelers nation await news on his injury. With high expectations coming into the preseason and having made tremendous noise throughout camp, everybody and their mother was excited to see Bell take the field.

So should Pittsburgh worry about their running back of the future? Yes and no. While the sequence of injuries is something to monitor just for safety measures, nobody in the Steelers’ front office should lose sleep over this matter. Minor injuries are an annual occurrence, almost like the “death and taxes” of the professional circuit.

However, an injury is an injury no matter how you look at it, and must be taken care of with the proper steps. With the excellent training staff over in Pittsburgh, Le’Veon Bell will be back and carrying the rock sooner then people anticipate, considering all goes well.

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