Green Bay Packers Getting More Physical

By Michael Terrill
Green Bay Packers Getting More Physical
Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

The Green Bay Packers were pushed around by the Arizona Cardinals in their first preseason game. It was clear they were not ready to match the intensity that the Cardinals brought to the table. It was obvious the Packers decided to change that immediately as the physical side came out against the St. Louis Rams Saturday night.

Running back Eddie Lacy dominated the Rams defense with jaw-dropping spin moves and bull dozing tactics that gave Packers fans hope that a running game may finally emerge.

“They got a steal getting him where they got him,” one NFL scout said, according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. “I thought he was going to go earlier. He’s as advertised.”

There is no question Lacy is as good as everyone had hoped. Even though it was just one preseason game against a mediocre defense, the rookie running back proved he has everything it takes to be the starter.

His physical running style jacked up the rest of the team as several players refused to go out of bounds when along the sideline. Instead, they chose to give unsuspecting St. Louis defenders a solid lick before plowing ahead.

Numerous players on offense and defense got in on the fun, as the Packers were clearly out to prove they are getting more physical as a team. There is no question that is something they have lacked in recent years, but the addition of Lacy could change all of that. Players feed off each other, and there is nothing more inspiring than a big-time hit.

Green Bay’s true test will come next week against the Seattle Seahawks. If the Packers can match the Seahawks blow-for-blow then they will truly know how physical of a team they can be.

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