Seattle Seahawks’ Preseason Record Is Overrated

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The Seattle Seahawks are now 2-0 in preseason. Big deal.

Even for football-crazy fans, the NFL preseason games can be a bit hard to watch. This is particular true in the first couple of preseason games, as certain members of the first team may play a series or two and then exit the game.

There is a level of intrigue attached to watching prospective players work hard to win a spot on the squad. However, the entertainment value can definitely decrease in the later quarters. Third-string players are only so interesting.

Fans obviously want to see their favorite players, but no one wants to see a Russell Wilson or Marshawn Lynch get hurt in a seemingly meaningless preseason game. Therefore, fans tend to have mixed feelings about the necessity of the preseason games.

A win is a win, but it isn’t like the preseason win is directly going to help a playoff push.

To be fair, the game is not a totally worthless endeavor. Winning in the regular season is about depth, and every team has some key position battles that are often determined by key plays in the preseason. The Seahawks are no exception.

Still, the record itself should not get fans too excited. It is nice to win. However, when it comes to the preseason, it is more about whether certain players are going to find their roles and if the team is able to maximize some real-time scrimmaging opportunities that are a little more realistic.

The Baltimore Ravens somehow managed to win the Super Bowl last season despite going 2-2 in the preseason. The Atlanta Falcons, who beat the ‘Hawks in the playoffs, were 1-3 in the preseason — not exactly an indication of future success.

Seattle is 2-0 in the preseason, which is certainly not a terrible thing. It will mean a bit more if the Seahawks are 2-0 on September 15.

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  • David Dungan

    Well Duh! Are you serious or just trying to rank on the Seahawks? They are a great team and everyone in the NFL knows it.

  • cordell

    The first team offense and defense payed the entire first half you donkey columnist, and what was the score at half time? You’re right tho it’s only preseason…go hawks the rest can KICK ROCKS

  • ecointeractive

    Dumb article. It is not the preseason record that people are excited about, it is the way they are playing. The depth of this team is truly remarkable …..

  • StephenBody

    Gee, thanks for the words of wisdom, Obi Wan. How the hell would we ever have realized this without you? OF COURSE the record is “overrated”. It’s not supposed to be “rated” at all. It’s PRESEASON, genius. Wow, Captain Obvious. Is this all you could think of to write?