The Indianapolis Colts' Biggest Weakness

By EJ Mckinley
Antoine Bethea
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

For many years, the Indianapolis Colts were a terrible run team. Now they can’t defend a pass to save their life. Last week was a testimony to this. The Colts were shredded through the air in their first preseason game. This isn’t just an issue for the Colts; it’s their biggest issue.

The best cornerback on the Colts is Vontae Davis. The Colts acquired Davis from the Dolphins in a trade last season. The problem is that he can go through stretches of terrible play. Davis has trouble keeping his head on straight. For example, Davis had two interceptions in the Colts final regular season game and then failed to record a tackle or interception in their playoff game.

On the opposite side of the field at cornerback is Darius Butler. I absolutely love Butler. He is raw but possesses special talent. Before he joined the Colts he had played for five years and recorded three interceptions. Last year alone, he had four interceptions. Butler has a nose for the ball and the Colts’ need that. They struggled to force turnovers.

Also playing in the defensive backfield is Greg Toler and Cassius Vaughn. Both of these guys can do well at times but are very inconsistent. Behind them both are an array of young backs who are inexperienced and have a low skill set. When the Colts’ played their preseason game last week the weakness of all of the backup cornerbacks was exposed. If Davis, Butler, Toler and Vaughn go down, the Colts will be in a hard spot. A spot that could mean giving up a lot of touchdowns.

The safety position is in a lot better shape. LaRon Landry and Antoine Bethea and solid starters. Their backups aren’t half bad either. The real issue is still with the cornerbacks. The cornerbacks have to step up, all of them. They can’t just have four guys play entire games. Someone needs to step up or the Colts management has to go out and pick someone up. If things don’t turn around quick we could see a lot of passing yards put up against this team.

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