What The National Writers Are Saying About The Philadelphia Eagles

By Joseph Hickman
Chip Kelly Philadelphia Eagles
Howard Smith–USA Today Sports

I loving reading local  bloggers and writers for the Philadelphia Eagles for obvious reasons.  They understand the situations going on around the team better and they follow the team day-in and day-out.  To be honest, I would rather read a blogger’s article than a beat writer. Why?  Well, I believe that you get better info and more realistic views on the team.  The reason might be because the blogger doesn’t have to stand in front of that player or players after he or she has written something about them. But hey, I am team blogger, so I am obviously going with the bloggers.

With that said, I figure to look around the great world-wide-web to see what others are thinking about the Eagles, and here are a few that I found.

Jason La Canfora, a writer for CBSSportsthinks that Eagles have a daunting task at hand. La Canfora:

“The Eagles are coming off a 4-12 season, and there is a reason they were so desperate to land Kelly after he initially rebuffed their overtures. This is no small chore he is undertaking, and the climate around this team is in stark contract to the pom-pom culture and relative obscurity provided by, say, Eugene, Ore., for instance. Eagles fans grew restless with the regular playoff runs and five NFC championship games Reid provided during his 14 seasons, so patience with Kelly’s regime is likely to be limited.”

I kinda agree with him. I will have patience, but most of the time patience in not a virtue around these parts.

National writer Peter King,  on his MMQB said:

The Eagles imported Kelly from Oregon in January, and he quickly began to change things all over the facility, and in the locker room. His reign, I believe, will be the most interesting college-to-pro transition since Jimmy Johnson went from the University of Miami to Dallas in 1989. Lots of new thoughts from Johnson then, and from Kelly now”

That is true, but you could even say Bill Walsh, just because of  Chip Kelly’s and Walsh’s offensive minds.

Charley Casserly from NFL.com on the Eagles said:

“Chip Kelly comes from the college ranks, completely lacking in pro experience — how will that factor in? How much read-option will Philly run? Can Michael Vick stay healthy? How will Vick do in the West Coast-style passing game of offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur? If Nick Foles is the QB, how much read-option do we see then? If he runs it, will he be successful when he keeps the ball? Foles is entering his second year, but he is learning a new offense — will this slow down his development? Then you have the rookie, Matt Barkley. He could have been a first-round pick a year ago, but the Eagles took him in the fourth round in April, despite the fact that they already had two QBs who started games for them last year. Is Barkley’s arm strong enough? What kind of offense do you run with him?”

It’s funny; you would think you would get a different perspective from the National writers. I guess not.

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