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Buffalo Bills Wide Receiver Steve Johnson Says He’ll Play Saturday

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Steve Johnson

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Buffalo Bills star wide receiver Steve Johnson has been nursing a strained hamstring since hurting it on the second of August and has said he wants to play on Saturday to take on the Washington Redskins. Johnson has been the only member of the Bills that has had three straight seasons with 1,000 yards receiving in franchise history. In his absence, several young wide receivers stepped up in a big way and filled the void nicely including Robert WoodsT.J. GrahamChris Hogan and Brandon Kaufman to name a few of them. Besides the wide receivers, the tight ends of Scott ChandlerLee Smith and Chris Gragg have also brought it and will create mismatches versus linebackers and safeties due to their size and athleticism.

With all these names at wide receiver, it can only bode good things for the Bills in 2013 and the future as they actually have depth at a position finally where they have sorely lacked for the better part of a decade. If Johnson can get on the same page as his main quarterbacks in E.J. Manuel and Kevin Kolb, this will only make the Bills an even deadlier team as teams will struggle to game plan for all the weapons, not to mention the fact double coverage on one of them would leave one of the targets wide open.

All and all, it should be interesting to see if Johnson plays on Saturday at all and if he does how long does he play and how does he look after missing three weeks of practice in a brand new offensive system that he has had to learn on the sidelines for the most part.

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