Chicago bears: J’Marcus Webb Takes Pay Cut In His Declining Career

By Meriah Milliken
Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

Chicago Bears‘ J’marcus Webb accepts his role as second string by taking a pay cut. His salary was reduced from $1.323 million to the league minimum $630,000. This freed up some space that the Bears desperately needed for NFL salary cap. His starting tackle position will go to Jordan Mills.

Mills have proved to be athletic and an effective player. He was able to provide a way for Matt Forte to make into the end zone, and was a perfect match beside Kyle Long. With Mills getting cozy with the starting unit and Jonathan Scott projected to play, provided he can prove to be healthy enough, Webb will be fighting for the play time incentives in his contract.

It was smart of Marc Trestman to demote him, and good on him to cut Webb’s pay almost as soon as he did. There’s no reason to keep waiting for Webb to turn into a tackle that the Bears need; so, they took the smarter route and put a better player in, all while saving the Bears a few bucks.

So what does this mean for Webb and the Bears? Webb will most likely not be coming back as a Bear, which will free up the money that the Bears need to keep the veterans that need to stay on the team. This could also foreshadow the future of Chicago; the Bears could be shifting toward a younger generation of players. There’s a lot of new talent that Trestman should utilize.

Just the fact that Webb took the pay cut shows that even he knows he’s not worth what he used to be.  Since the Bears told him to either take the pay cut or take a hike, Webb could definitely be in the decline of his career.

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