NFL Sending Message to Von Miller With Likely 6-Game Suspension

By Andrew Fisher
Von Miller
Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Von Miller sounded confident a few weeks back that the NFL would not uphold his suspension for violating the league’s substance abuse policy. Well, it turns out that Miller was likely way off the mark with his prediction. The NFL is reportedly not only handing down a suspension to Miller, they’re also giving him two additional games. It was previously thought that he would receive a four-game ban, but the league is apparently sending a message to the Pro Bowl linebacker by suspending him for the first six games of the 2013 season.

At this very moment, it’s still unclear why the ban was bumped up to six games. Miller’s recent arrest certainly didn’t do him any favors, even though it was for failing to appear in court and had nothing to do with substance abuse. The linebacker failed to appear on charges of driving without a license, careless driving and not carrying proof of insurance. (All signs of immaturity, in my opinion.)

Denver Broncos‘ fans will have to hope this ban gets Miller’s attention. Clearly, he hasn’t been making the greatest choices off the field and that needs to change going forward. He’s obviously a very talented player that has the potential to achieve great things, but he needs to get his head on straight.

The Broncos will miss their star LB on the field, but they’ll also be just fine without him. If they didn’t have arguably the league’s best offense on the other side of the ball, it might be a different story. But with a roster loaded with talent in Denver, Miller’s suspension will just be a bump in the road for a team on its way back to the postseason.

**Miller’s suspension is not yet official.


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