Philadelphia Eagles: What Happens If Michael Vick Fails To Impress Against The Jacksonville Jaguars?

By Sonny Bryan
Vick and Kelly
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Michael Vick has obviously proven he should be the starting quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles. Even though Nick Foles has played well, Vick simply has outperformed him and should be out there on week one.

However, what if Vick has a bad game against the Jacksonville Jaguars on Saturday and Foles shines?

This may make Chip Kelly reevaluate the quarterback situation and stir up some controversy. Now, I expect Vick to go out there and do the same thing he did the past two weeks when they play the Jags, but you never know. The Jaguars simply are a bad team, yet you can never predict the way Vick will play on a game-to-game basis. I have been impressed by what Vick has been able to do. It seems like he is very comfortable in Kelly’s system and he clearly understands it. However, nothing is a promise in the NFL.

This game should be an interesting one since the head coach of the Jaguars was almost the new coach of the Eagles, and that’s Gus Bradley. He has a great defensive mind and will challenge Kelly when the first team takes the field. Now once again, I expect Vick to go out there and have a good game, but on the off chance that he doesn’t and Foles winds up having a solid one, where do we stand? After seeing what Vick did in the first two preseason games, it may be enough to get him the starting job, but Kelly will definitely think long and hard before he announces who the starter is.

If Vick keeps a good head on his shoulders throughout the game and hits his targets when he needs to, he will be fine. But there is a lot riding on this game for Vick since two preseason games may not be enough according to Kelly. Foles will likely be the back-up this season, but he won’t go down without a fight, so don’t be surprised if he comes out firing on Saturday night.

This should be a good game since Bradley is a great football coach and always has his defense prepared, especially since from what we saw him do with the Seattle Seahawks defense last season.

So, Kelly, Vick and Foles may have their hands full on Saturday despite the lack of talent on the other side of the field.


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