Tampa Bay Buccaneers Rumors: Darrelle Revis Will Take More Time Than Needed to Return From ACL Injury

By Ryan Heckman
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers gave up all but the farm in a deal to acquire former New York Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis. Having dealt away two first-round picks and giving Revis $16 million per year, Tampa Bay is going all in on the guy now 10 months removed from one of the worst sports injuries out there.

Revis is still in the midst of recovering from a torn ACL, and the team looks like they will take their time to get him back — maybe even too much time.

Head coach Greg Schiano seems to be sick of answering questions about Revis and has said that they are going to have to just “play it by ear” until he is ready to play. Before their preseason matchup against the New England Patriots, Schiano said, “There’s so much talk about him and when he’ll play. The reality is he’ll play when he’s ready to play, and if that’s not Week 1, then it’s not Week 1.”

“And if it is, great. I’m not saying that flippantly. He knows. This guy is a consummate pro, the best at what he does, and he’s coming off an injury that he’s never had before,” Schiano said according to NFL.com.

Revis is still considered one of the best — if not the top — cornerbacks in the game despite his injury. Schiano knows that.

“I don’t need to see him play in the preseason. I know what he’s capable of,” the head coach said. “He just needs to get to where he’s confident and feels like, ‘I can go out and play.'”

I don’t think the Bucs are being too cautious here, despite what plenty of critics have said. Every athlete knows their body the best. Whether they choose to come back at a rapid pace like Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson or take their time like Chicago Bulls point guard Derrick Rose, every athlete has the right to do what they think is best for their health.

Revis will be back eventually, and when he’s locking down the best in the NFC South like Julio Jones, Steve Smith and Marques Colston I have a feeling people will forget about the extended time of recovery.

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