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5 Biggest Mistakes of Kansas City Chiefs’ 2013 Season So Far

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John Dorsey GM of Kansas City Chiefs Needs to Slow Down Process

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Kansas City Chiefs has made some great moves to start the 2013 NFL season. They hired a new GM in John Dorsey, a new coach in Andy Reid and new defensive coordinator in Bob Sutton. They have also made some great free-agent moves, picking up Anthony Fasano, Sean Smith and Mike Devito.

The New General Manager for the Chiefs Dorsey has been swift and acted decisively in his decisions, but at the same time has missed out on some other potential opportunities that he might have been able to do if he didn't act as quickly. He quickly signed Dunta Robinson and Sean Smith, which shored up the Chiefs cornerbacks, but because of it he missed out on a potential blockbuster deal.

Mistake one, he let go of a right tackle that played poorly in his one season with the Chiefs and that too could have turned into something else. Mistake two, he overpaid for a player. Mistake three, he could have drafted this player and that player. Mistakes four and five, all in all it, has been a productive season so far for the Kansas City Chiefs in year one under John Dorsey. But it could have been so much more than productive. It could have been the greatest offseason moves in the history of the NFL for one team. I will give you five mistakes that John Dorsey made in his acquisitions so far this season that could have taken the Kansas City Chiefs from 2-14 to a potential Superbowl contender in one flail swoop.

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5. Eric Winston Was Cut By the Kansas City Chiefs

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The Chiefs let go of Eric Winston after a disappointing first year with them. They should have kept him as their right tackle and done something else with their first overall draft pick.

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4. Darrelle Revis Could Have Been A Chief

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The thing they should have done with the No. 1 overall pick was to trade it to the New York Jets for Darelle Revis, the best cornerback in the league. If Dorsey didn't act so swiftly in free agency, the Chiefs could have not signed Dunta Robinson and instead they would now have Brandon Flowers, Darelle Revis and Sean Smith as their first, second and third-string cornerbacks.

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3. Paid top dollar for Alex Smith

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The Chiefs also spent one too many picks on Alex Smith. If Dorsey and Andy Reid had a better poker face, they could have got Smith a 2014 first-round pick and kept their two second-round picks instead. The San Francisco 49ers had too many picks in this draft anyway. The 49ers would have loved to pick up a potential top-10 pick next year. Also, in the advent of the new NFL with the salary-cap restrictions on new player contracts, it is much wiser to have two second-round picks than one first-round pick.

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2. Second-Round Pick Geno Smith

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With the first pick in the second round, the Chiefs should have drafted Geno Smith. This is all depending on the Chiefs trading a first-round pick of 2014 to San Francisco 49ers instead of two second-round picks. Along with getting Geno Smith, the Chiefs should not have paid a backup that much money in Chase Daniels. They could have saved that money and gave it to Revis.

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1. Third-Round Pick Tyrann Mathieu

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Finally, their third-round selection of Travis Kelce, although a popular pick would have been used wiser on a position of need at free safety for a man named "The Honeybadger" who had been lighting it up this preseason and camp for the Arizona Cardinals. (Tyrann Mathieu ended up getting drafted in the third-round pick No. 7, Chiefs had pick No. 1 in third round). All in all, the Chiefs would have had Darelle Revis, Tyrann Mathieu, Eric Berry and Brandon Flowers in their secondary along with Sean Smith. Legion of Boom would have had competition. They also are already deep at tight end with Anthony Fasano and Tony Moeaki so that wouldn't have been a need. They wouldn't have so much money tied up in a backup quarterback, and they would have had a QB of the future in Geno Smith. Also, their offensive line would still be intact with Eric Winston at right tackle instead of Eric Fisher. Imagine what could have happened. I told you, best offseason ever.