Kansas City Chiefs Rumors: Could Terrell Owens Bring Any Value To The Team?

By Aaron Charles
Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

It is very clear that the Kansas City Chiefs are unhappy with their wide-receiver situation. On Monday, they traded Jon Baldwin for A.J. Jenkins in a strange swap of former first-round draft pick disappointments. It was a surprising move for the Chiefs as Baldwin was listed as the other starting wide receiver across from Dwayne Bowe at the time.

Baldwin’s departure was primarily due to inconsistency and a problem with drops and the man filling in for him will be Donnie Avery, last season’s leader in drop percentage. Kansas City needs help at wide receiver but are they desperate enough to give Terrell Owens another shot?

I certainly hope not. The only value I can see Owens bringing the Chiefs is entertainment value. A T.O. reunion with Andy Reid would be bigger news than if Alex Rodriguez and Johnny Manziel started dating. Okay, maybe not that big, but it would still be enormous.

The Chiefs need production, and at 39 years old, Owens will not be able to bring it. Back in August of 2012, it took the Seattle Seahawks just three weeks to decide he couldn’t cut it. Production wise, T.O. was one of the top-three wideouts in NFL history but that was the only area he brought value to a team.

His knowledge of the position has the potential to be useful, but his desperate need for attention and the inevitable media circus he would bring, outweighs anything he might be worth in that area. His reality show and time with the Allen Wranglers are proof he will still do anything to be seen.

It’s fun to talk about and would be immensely entertaining, but no team should be desperate enough to sign Owens. There are countless more productive options out there for teams in need. Not the Chiefs, nor San Diego ChargersNew York Jets or anybody else should even be considering it. But if someone does make the mistake of signing him, it will at least be entertaining to watch.

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