New England Patriots’ Tim Tebow Tied For 4th Most Admired Patriot In Survey

Tim Tebow

Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

Results are in for a new survey taken between August 1 and 17 regarding the five different New England sports teams.  The teams in the survey were the Boston Red SoxNew England Patriots, Boston BruinsBoston Celtics, and the New England Revolution.  For the sake of this article, I will spare you the details of the other four teams and focus on the Patriots.

In the survey, there was one question that was asked that absolutely fascinated me.  The question was ”Who on the Patriots do you most admire?”  The votes tallied like this: 36 percent voted for Tom Brady as the player they most admired, 32 percent voted for Vince Wilfork, 7 percent voted for Stephen Gostkowski, (which I also find odd given he is a kicker) and tied with Rob Gronkowski was Tim Tebow at 3 percent.

This came as a total shock to me.  I was even more shocked when I learned that the survey continued after his horrific game on Friday night.  Now, I understand that Tebow is a great human being and that he is religious.  However, in order to be ranked in the same spot as Gronkowski on any football list, don’t you at least have to be good on the field?

Did any of the voters actually watch Tebow play the other night?  I thought most people, not just Patriots’ fans, but NFL fans as a whole, hated him?  Now he is being voted as the fourth most admired player on the team?  This makes zero sense to me, but the survey may actually help his chances to stick as the 53rd player on the roster if both the fans and the coaching staff like him, as crazy as it might sound.

Do you find Tebow being ranked as 4th most admired Patriot by the fans ridiculous?  Do you agree with the ranking?  Feel free to comment on the subject in the “comments” section below.

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  • Roger Tomlin

    Tim Tebow is my favorite athlete. I love everything he stands for. After his historic Florida career and his awesome Denver playoff run, I only want to see him play and succeed more. I cheer him on every chance I get. Sure his game is isn’t perfect. But I believe he has potential, as do Belichick and McDaniels. Otherwise they wouldn’t have signed him.

  • Diana Barker

    Maybe he is admired because no matter how much CRAP the media talk about him even when he was winning in Denver he still worked every day to get better. He stays positive and works harder than most. He doesn’t care about the money and loves the game. When his coaches did not believe in him and had no interest in developing him he was forced to go out and hire several people to help him develop. Even when he was forced to sit behind butt fumble Sanchez and knew he was NEVER going to get a chance to compete he still stayed humble and worked harder than everyone. Maybe he is so admired because he takes the most criticism and vitriol than anyone else ever and yet remains positive, never saying a bad word about anyone. Maybe that is why he is admired.

    • Wil Gellman

      As I have said to dferraez, I understand why he is admired as a human being, but New England Sports fans were polled in this survey and most of them just want Tebow out of their hair at this point, not only do many of them not admire Tebow many hate him as a player so it surprises me that he is top 5 most admired on the team

      • Jackson First

        Will Gellman said…”most of them (New England Sports fans) just want Tebow out of their hair at this point, not only
        do many of them not admire Tebow many hate him as a player”

        Mr. Gellman, listen up. YOU do not speak for “most of New England sports fans”…and you never will. Don’t put your own negative feelings toward Tim Tebow out there and try and pretend they are shared by most — because they are not. Tim Tebow has millions of fans in and out of football. Detroit fans were not lined up to get Tim Tebow’s autograph because he’s hated. Yeah, yeah, there are Tim naysayers and haters out there, but they are not the norm. Anyone who can’t admire a fine man like Tim Tebow needs to take a long hard honest look in the mirror and ask themselves — WHY?

  • dferraez

    I am amazed at how clueless so many in the media are. Of course Tebow would rank high on any list of admired people. What is amazing is that you, the author of this article is amazed Tebow ranks so high.

    • Wil Gellman

      dferraez, I am not saying I don’t understand why he is admired by the general public, but many football fans do not like him. They think he cannot play and he should just go away. I know because I live in the New England Area. The fact that he is on the list of top 5 admired Patriots is surprising to many for that reason, not just me.

      • Jackson First

        Maybe those who think Tim Tebow “cannot play and should just go away” are really the ones who should GO AWAY. Just admit it, Mr. Gellman, you’re just jealous because Tim Tebow is so widely loved and admired and you’re, well, not in that ilk. Tim’s had many great moments. Anyone who says “he can’t play” is a moron. The man has a Heisman Trophy, 2 NCAA National Championships, and an AFC West championship as QB that proves these haters all wrong. Not to mention the fact that one of the winningest head coaches in NFL history clearly sees talent in Tim Tebow or he would have never signed Tim (as a QB) to one of the most successful franchises in the NFL. I offer you Exhibit A…

  • sdcreality1

    I think the author maybe surprised by the results due to three assumptions he has made. 1- Only pure sport fans were polled. 2-That sports fans only consider a portion of an athletes life when considering which athletes they admire. 3-That perhaps his perception of the number of patriot fans that dislike Tebow are the majority when maybe they are a very vocal minority..

  • Jackson First

    I’m surprised he didn’t rank higher. The writer of this article, like so many others in the media, simply doesn’t get the broad and immense appeal of Tim Tebow. He has touched the hearts of millions, not because of his football, but because of something far more important — heart & compassion. You don’t train for those traits…you either have it or you don’t.