New England Patriots' Tim Tebow Tied For 4th Most Admired Patriot In Survey

By Will Gellman
Tim Tebow
Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

Results are in for a new survey taken between August 1 and 17 regarding the five different New England sports teams.  The teams in the survey were the Boston Red SoxNew England Patriots, Boston BruinsBoston Celtics, and the New England Revolution.  For the sake of this article, I will spare you the details of the other four teams and focus on the Patriots.

In the survey, there was one question that was asked that absolutely fascinated me.  The question was “Who on the Patriots do you most admire?”  The votes tallied like this: 36 percent voted for Tom Brady as the player they most admired, 32 percent voted for Vince Wilfork, 7 percent voted for Stephen Gostkowski, (which I also find odd given he is a kicker) and tied with Rob Gronkowski was Tim Tebow at 3 percent.

This came as a total shock to me.  I was even more shocked when I learned that the survey continued after his horrific game on Friday night.  Now, I understand that Tebow is a great human being and that he is religious.  However, in order to be ranked in the same spot as Gronkowski on any football list, don’t you at least have to be good on the field?

Did any of the voters actually watch Tebow play the other night?  I thought most people, not just Patriots’ fans, but NFL fans as a whole, hated him?  Now he is being voted as the fourth most admired player on the team?  This makes zero sense to me, but the survey may actually help his chances to stick as the 53rd player on the roster if both the fans and the coaching staff like him, as crazy as it might sound.

Do you find Tebow being ranked as 4th most admired Patriot by the fans ridiculous?  Do you agree with the ranking?  Feel free to comment on the subject in the “comments” section below.

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