Pittsburgh Steelers: Predicting Their Final 2013 Record

By Zach Morrison
Mike Tomlin
Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Nothing is more fun than playing the role of an “expert” and predicting how a team’s season will go by looking at their schedule. Most of the time, predictions are way wrong because certain teams exceed expectations while others seem to underachieve for whatever reason. I’m going to take a shot at predicting the Pittsburgh Steelers‘ record game-by-game.

Week 1 vs. Tennessee Titans: The Titans will be entering another season with Jake Locker at quarterback, and this will hopefully be the season that he shows he is capable of leading a team to victory; but not this this week. The Steelers’ defense will confuse Locker and force a few turnovers, leading to a 17-6 victory.

Week 2 at Cincinnati Bengals: The Bengals are a legitimate threat in the AFC North. At home, the Bengals will defeat the Steelers rather easily thanks to quarterback Andy Dalton connecting with receiver A.J. Green for two touchdowns. Steelers lose this one 27-17.

Week 3 vs. Chicago Bears: This will be the first season without Brian Urlacher for the Bears in what seems like 100 years, but the defense will still be strong and the Bears will still be decent. The Bears eek this one out with a 14-13 win.

Week 4 at Minnesota Vikings: This game will be played overseas, and it will probably seem like a home game for the Steelers because of the fan base’s knack for traveling well. Steelers will shut down the Vikings and win 21-6.

Week 5 Bye

Week 6 at New York Jets: The Jets are bad. I don’t even want to give this much thought, honestly. The Steelers should and will dominate this game, winning 27-3. Oh, and Mark Sanchez.

Week 7 vs. Baltimore Ravens: The Ravens and Steelers seem to always play competitive games. They will split this series, with each team winning their home game. Steelers win 20-17.

Week 8 at Oakland Raiders: The Raiders are banking on a quarterback, Matt Flynn, that has done basically nothing in his career to win this season. I don’t like the odds. The Steelers will win, thanks to dominating defense, 21-0.

Week 9 at New England Patriots: Tom Brady will have a field day against the Steelers’ defense. Patriots win 38-17.

Week 10 vs. Buffalo Bills: The Steelers will struggle to slow down the Bills’ offense but will also score a ton on offense. In the end, Steelers ride the home crowd to a 45-28 win.

Week 11 vs. Detroit Lions: Matt Stafford dominates the Steelers’ defense, winning 42-31.

Week 12 at Cleveland Browns: Each team wins their respective home game in this series, Browns win 17-12.

Week 13 at Ravens: See Week 7, each team wins their home game. Ravens win 21-10.

Week 14 vs. Miami Dolphins: Steelers dominate this one, winning 31-13 with tons of clock control.

Week 15 vs. Bengals: At home, Steelers win 21-11.

Week 16 at Green Bay Packers: Aaron Rodgers, enough said. Packers win 41-21.

Week 17 vs. Browns: Steelers dominate defensively, win 10-3 behind the home crowd.

Final record prediction: 9-7 and miss the playoffs.

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