Baltimore Ravens Trade For Delone Carter; Bernard Pierce On the Hot Seat?

Bernard Pierce is frustrating people

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

Bernard Pierce may be frustrating the wrong people in the Baltimore Ravens‘ front office.

Heading into his second NFL season, Pierce was a decent back-up to Ray Rice, but apparently the Ravens aren’t exactly sold on this duo. The reigning Super Bowl champs have seen a ton of folks leave this offseason, but they actually acquired a pretty good talent via trade on Wednesday.

The Indianapolis Colts agreed to send proven running back Delone Carter to Baltimore in exchange for wide receiver David Reed.

Carter was simply an unnecessary mouth to feed in Indy as the Colts would much rather give Donald Brown an opportunity as the No. 3 back than keep Carter on the roster. Conversely, the Ravens aren’t confident in their running back depth, and believe that Carter can give Baltimore an added spark. Carter is definitely worth of a back-up gig as he’s rushed for five touchdowns in the last two seasons and did so in limited time.

Either way, this move should scare Pierce supporters considering the 26-year old Carter isn’t coming to Baltimore just to sit on the sidelines. In a perfect world, the insanely-talented Pierce should be battling for the Ravens’ starting job and not worrying about what the third-string running back is doing, yet the folks in Baltimore obviously just aren’t sold on No. 30.

Many NFL fans are speculating that Pierce’s left knee injury that was classified as “minor” earlier this preseason is in fact a pretty big deal.

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  • Garfii Kartyk


    Pierce is back at practice already and is expected to play tomorrow. His minor injury is obviously not a concern anymore.

    The team loves Pierce, and this nonsense about them not being “sold” on him is such a joke you should be ashamed to call yourself a sports writer.

  • Jeffery

    Worst sack of crap article i have ever read… this is a joke right?… YOU SIR ARE A MORON! and we all feel a little dumber now thanks to you…

  • Vintagebon2

    What?? I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love Pierce! In fact, here is a quote from the Ravens Running Backs Coach; Wilbert Montgomery, talking about Pierce: “We are building a bully and he exemplifies that with his play and his
    attitude,” Montgomery said. “He’s a quiet guy, but he’s still a fun guy,
    and I think his teammates really love him. They know when he’s on the
    field that he’s going to make something happen.” The above article is nonsense.

  • Devin O’Barr

    Why bring in an established runner like Delone Carter then?

    • ET

      That might be the first time “established” and “Delone Carter” have been used in the same sentence.

  • Claw toes

    Nice information..