It’s Now Or Never For Philadelphia Eagles’ Michael Vick

Michael Vick Philadelphia Eagles

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Unless you have been living under a rock in Philadelphia Eagles land, you know by now that Michael Vick has won the starting job.

I am a Nick Foles guy. When I say I am a Foles guy, I mean I would have liked to have seen him get the opportunity to be the starter. I can’t sit here and say to you that Foles is the Eagles’ franchise QB for the next 10 years, but I do think that the kid deserves a shot.

However, with that said, Vick won it fair and square this training camp/preseason. He has been nearly flawless in the games thus far. Vick is 13-of-15 for 199 yards, TD, one interception and has a passer rating of 113.1. That pick shouldn’t even count — he threw it up for grabs at the end of the half.

Foles has been good as well, but he still needs to develop better pocket presence. An example of that is when he fumbled the ball against the Carolina Panthers. He still had time when he picked the ball up, but he decided to throw off his back leg and got picked off in the back of the end zone.

Other than maybe one or two more mistakes, he really wasn’t that far behind Vick. Foles is 11-of-14 for 96 yards, no touchdowns (rushing TD), one pick and a passer rating of 65.7.

There is one thing that is bothering me. I have read a few articles that said Vick was always the guy and Foles never really had a chance. To the people that wrote that or feel that way: I fart in your general direction.

Yes, I stole a quote from Monty Python and the Holy Grail. What has Vick done to be just handed the job? Don’t give me that 6-7 game span back in 2010. He actually started to decline even then. That was a mirage.

Please don’t say anything about last year. Foles played in front of that same offense line as Vick did, and Foles also didn’t really have DeSean Jackson (two games with Foles) or LeSean McCoy (three games with Foles) playing as both were hurt.

Here are some of the numbers from last year. Foles had a completion rate of 60.7 percent and threw for six touchdowns. He also threw five interceptions and was 1-6 as a starter. Vick had a completion rate of 58 percent and threw for 12 touchdowns along with 10 interceptions. Vick went 3-6 as a starter.

Under Vick, the Eagles averaged 330 yards per game. Under Foles, they averaged 331.3 yards. So obviously, they both were able to move the ball quite similarly. However, under Foles, the Eagles averaged 20 points per game, while they averaged 16.3 points per game under Vick.

So yeah, Foles was just as good as Vick with same offensive line. You could even say Foles was slightly better with those numbers. I really wasn’t trying to make this Foles versus Vick thing, but people irritate me sometimes.

So in closing, Vick earned the starting job in the preseason/training camp. That is where he earned it. You can call me gullible or whatever. I believed Chip Kelly when he said it was an open competition. I know some people didn’t.

It might seem that I am Vick hater, but I’m really not. I hope he has a good year and the Eagles are better for it. I just don’t think he can do it. I hear that he loves football again and he is saying all that right things. That’s great and all, but I have heard this before. No more excuses for Vick: it’s now or never.

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  • #7

    Hater lol

    • Joe Hickman

      Hahaha..Thanks for reading…

      • #7

        Never again. “A Foles guy” lol

        • Joe Hickman

 Hey, the kid deserves a shot. That’s all I am say..

          • #7

            He earned a shot to compete. That’s it.

          • Joe Hickman

            Yup, Vick beat him out in camp. I just don’t want to hear that Vick
            deserved it anyway, even without the good camp, like I was hearing from
            others. Good Talk bro..

          • #7

            I still can’t see how you thought Foles would win. WOW.

            It’s funny how people will not look at football games from a team perspective. Vick had his part in this too, no doubt, but our team was bad as a whole. Didn’t look that way on paper, but we were bad and I know that in the NFL, depth is LUXURY…and we just did not have that.

            The QB competition was the best thing that Chip could have done as it made both QBs better and made quite the impression on the team as a whole. i was 99.9% sure that Vick would win.

            Vick’s main problem is that he tries to do to much. Period. He can throw with pinpoint accuracy. The career completion percentage I don’t care about that (just telling you that before you bring it up). I’m sure you thought that Vick was washed up. I love to see you guys eat your words and you will be having another serving of those words once the season starts.

            As far as our defense and defenses across the NFL, there’s not a great D that I can think of except for the 49ers and they may be hurting this year because they have no DBs IMO. I call this the (bend but don’t break, get TO’s) defensive Era due to all of the rule changes in favor of offense.

            If our “D” can force some turnovers and get some timely stops, my Eagles are going to surprise some people this year

          • Joe Hickman

            I know last year wasn’t all Vick’s fault. The whole team was a hot mess. But how I am crazy to think that Foles could’ve won the job?

            As a rookie he performed just as good as Vick in the same crappy situation. Look at the numbers. So why not? Thats not crazy…

            When it come Vick, its always based on potential and I get it. He has a ton of talent, but there comes a point in every players career when potential goes away and reality sets in. That is when a player is what he is. I think that Vick is at that point.

            I could be totally wrong but he has to prove it. I really don’t think he can. We will see.

          • #7

            The name of the game is wins and he was 1-5. Vick had three blown leads by the defense. Was that a winning season? No, but we were a mess. Foles had a lot of picks dropped and a bunch of fumbles. What happened this year to Foles? He would not challenge the defense. AR Changed the whole blocking scheme and defense was changed after2010 we wwere in the playoffs. Why change what is working. Also our o-lineman didn’t fit Mudd’s scheme.

            Sounds like excuses I’m sure, but I day is reality. One thing for sure. Vick had to take us deep in the playoffs and stay healthy or he’s gone. I like Vick with his back against the wall. We will see.

          • Joe Hickman

            Dude, I think we just started our own blog. hahaha. Hey, I hope I am wrong Vick and the Eagles have a great season for it.

          • #7

            One thing you’re right about though, it is now or never. In philly at least

          • Joe Hickman

            Awesome talk bro. Love the back and fourth..