New England Patriots CB Devin McCourty 4th Most Underpaid Player In The NFL?

By Will Gellman
Devin McCourty
Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

Recently, the popular business brand Forbes came up with a list of the ten most underpaid players in the NFL.  They calculated this by using a statistic called Approximate Value.  They then compared this AV number with each player’s salary to calculate the most underpaid players in the league. This is what Forbes came up with.

James Harrison was the most underpaid with an AV of 14.8, Ahmad Bradshaw was second with an AV of 10.7, Hakeem Nicks was third with a 10.5 AV, and Devin McCourty was fourth with an AV of 8.3.

If you had asked me back when he was a cornerback if McCourty was underpaid, my answer would have been no.  Now, given that he is a starting safety and a fixture on the New England Patriots‘ defense, my answer is yes, he is underpaid for what he brings at the position.

With his annual contract from when he was drafted set at five years, $10 million dollars, he is paid on average $2 million per year.  However, his base salary for 2013 is a mere $650,000.  For a starting safety in the NFL, that figure is very low, especially for a team that makes as much money as the Patriots do.

This salary management illustrates how the team excels in squeezing production out of certain players for minimal dollars.  If you feel so bold, you could also say that it makes the team cheap in a lot of ways.

With all of that said, if McCourty can stay healthy and continue to find his niche at the safety position, he will not be underpaid for much longer.  Whether it be by the Patriots or someone else, he will get his money when he becomes a free agent at the end of the 2014 season.

What do you make of the recent Forbes breakdown?  Is McCourty underpaid for his value to the team?  Is he right where he belongs as far as salary goes?  Feel free to comment on the subject in the “comments” section below.

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