New York Jets: Best, Worst-Case Scenario for 2013

By Greg Sulik
The Star-Ledger-USA TODAY Sports

When one discusses the best and worst case scenario for an NFL team, they usually are saying the best case is the most wins a team could get and worst case is the least. With the New York Jets, however, the scenarios are a little bit different.

The best and worst case scenarios here are realistic ones, of course. Obviously, the best-case scenario for the Jets would be Tom Brady and Bill Belichick suddenly deciding to retire and Andrew Luck refusing to play unless he’s traded to New York.

However, I think we can safely rule that one out, so let’s look at what might actually happen.

Looking at the Jets schedule, the honest truth is that there is almost no way this team wins more than eight games. So that’s the best-case scenario, right? Wrong. Going 8-8 this season would be the worst thing that could happen to the Jets.

This team has one of the weaker pools of talent in the NFL, and they need to use the draft to replenish that. Going 8-8 would leave them with a pick in the mid to late teens, where they would struggle to find the type of immediate impact player that they need.

Furthermore, an 8-8 record could prolong Rex Ryan’s stay with the team, as owner Woody Johnson is about as attached to him as a child is to their first puppy. As much as I truly believe Ryan is a very good coach, his time in New York is over, and the Jets need to allow John Idzik to bring in a new coach to lead this team forward.

So if winning isn’t the best-case scenario for the Jets, what is?

Unfortunately, it’s losing, and a lot of it. The Jets need to bring in elite talents, and they are only going to be able to do that at the top of the draft. With a top-five pick, they could get a player such as a USC wide receiver Marquise Lee, who would be able to come in and be a legitimate outside threat from day one.

The most likely scenario is that Mark Sanchez will open the season as the starting quarterback and the team will lose quite a bit. The perfect scenario for the Jets is having Geno Smith take over following the Week 10 bye, and then playing well down the stretch. If he can play well and the team can win a couple games, it will boost their confidence heading into 2014, when they might be able to be playoff contenders.

Obviously, Jets fans don’t want to hear that the best thing that can happen to their team is losing, but it’s the truth. If they can end the seaosn with some good play from Smith and the other young players, followed by adding a potential star in the draft, the Jets will be in excellent position to contend in the future.

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