San Francisco 49ers Rumors: Austin Collie’s Career Could be Over

Austin Collie

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

After numerous concussions and a Patellar tendon tear, Austin Collie‘s career could be coming to an end — and that may not be a bad thing.

Currently the 27-year-old wideout is still fighting for a spot on the San Francisco 49ers roster. Collie did immediately impress in practice with his intelligence, route running and hands, but he still appears to be on the outside looking in.

Between Anquan Boldin, Marlon Moore, Kyle Williams, Quinton Patton and the newly acquired Jonathan Baldwin, the 49ers appear set at wideout — especially since they will have Mario Manningham and Michael Crabtree returning before season’s end. That means that Collie will more than likely be cut before August 31.

He may be wise to call it a career at that point.

Considering how impressive Collie has been in practice, it certainly was surprising to not see him enter last week’s game until the very late stages. Perhaps head coach Jim Harbaugh is thinking more about Collie’s long-term future than he is about any potential short-term gains for his team.

Collie flashed in his first two seasons with the Indianapolis Colts, catching 15 touchdowns and looking like a long-term complement to future Hall of Famer Reggie Wayne. However, after year two, Collie suffered multiple severe concussions before being sidelined almost the entirety of last year with a leg injury. It seems Collie’s body is trying to tell him something, and he would be wise to listen.

Nobody deserves to deal with the agony that many retired NFL players go through on a daily basis due to head injuries, and perhaps Collie should pay a visit to a few of them. He is no-doubt a great player who still possesses a lot of ability, but a game isn’t more important than your health.

I hope I’m wrong and that Collie can still have a long, productive and healthy career. However, at this point, that seems unlikely.

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  • Kevin

    you know nothing. Collie’s could have met a lot of old football players, and he’ll be the #2 WR week 1. This shit website is just add ridden tabloid spam.

    • Will Reeve

      Austin Collie has had a litany of head injuries. He’s been recommended to stop playing football by medical professionals while in Indianapolis years ago. It’s not spam to note that he’s very far down on the depth chart and likely will be cut. Which means most teams probably won’t take a chance on him given how serious and multiple his injuries have been. It’s also not anything but concern to state that he may be wise to stop exposing himself to risk long-term. Thanks for the read.

      • Kevin

        You’re full of shit Will. It’s been widely reported doctors say he’s fine to play. Oh look im not the only one realizes you write shit articles. Try harder next time.

        • Will Reeve

          Nowhere did I state that he hasn’t fully recovered fully from his knee injury, or that he hasn’t been cleared to play. I stated facts about his status on the depth chart and his potential future in the league if he does indeed get cut. Concern about his long-term future is widespread by many former Colts fans and by league teams. That’s why it took injuries and a good chunk of time for him to sign with any team. Again, I hope he has a long career and that I’m wrong. I also have noted in this article and in previous ones that he has immense talent and ability. I’ve seen it first hand when I lived in Indy and here in California in training camp. Thanks for the reply and again for the read. Have a great weekend.

          • Kevin

            Colts fans and by league teams eh? Fans??? tell me again what teams are NOT in the league? lol
            You have no fucking clue of his position on the depth chart, nor obviously his skill level either. Go work for TMZ, they like false juicy stories.

          • Tim

            Kevin, your comments would carry more weight if you didn’t write with such belligerence. You come off as ignorant and lacking an intelligent vocabulary. Will wrote a piece based on his educated opinions and researched facts. Austin is facing an uphill battle due to his past medical problems and many coaches reluctance to see another great football player (Junior Seau for example) have their life ruined by multiple head injuries. Hundreds of players face terrible medical problems and serious pain issues due to coaches/players being unable to say “it’s over”. I went to high school (edh) and college (byu) with Austin. He could read seams better than anyone on the field and he had really fast feet in changing direction. I love watching him play, but it would be selfish (like you are being) and ignorant to not be concerned about his long term well being. Will, thank you for writing an opinion piece that makes us all think and for taking the high road on Kevin’s lack of humanity and manners.

          • Will Reeve

            I appreciate the read and the support Tim.

  • Mike Chesler

    Just pure speculation or something more, for I would certainly not want someone pipping about my career ending before I had made the decision public.

  • jim b

    I don’t see how his body is trying to tell him, in particular, something. He got hit, and injured.The same thing that happens over and over to players. All their body is telling them is “hey, I’m injured.” I think the decision to continue to play is up to the player, and his doctors. They both say “yes.” He is recovered from his injury. EVERY active NFL player is in danger of being seriously injured in every game. They make the decision to play knowing the situation. Perhaps, though, they should all sign waivers taking responsibility for that decision. And let them play. Fans, collectively, spend billions of dollars to watch a physical game.