New York Jets Ink Mohamed Massaquoi To A Deal?

By Steven Carollo
Phil Sears-USA TODAY Sports

According to reports, the New York Jets have gone out and signed Mohammed Massaquoi, a.k.a. another depth wide receiver to add to the group. No money terms or length of deal have been released yet, but it is a fact that Massaquoi is indeed a new member of Gang Green.

But will this addition have any impact on the Jets?


This is a man who’s best year in the NFL was his rookie season with the Cleveland Browns, with 34 receptions totaling 624 yards and 3 touchdowns. This signing is not expected to impact the Jets in any sort of way other than just another fill up of space.

Now, before people start jumping down my throat saying that Massaquoi is still a talented receiver who is only 26 and has potential, well the Jacksonville Jaguars, who, like the Jets, also have no wide receivers, released him just two months after giving him a two year contract only worth $900,000 guaranteed.

Massaquoi will not improve the Jets’ chances of winning at all. The only impact he will have is maybe on wide receiver Braylon Edwards, whose job and career may be in jeopardy.

The bottom line is that whether the Jets have Massaquoi or Edwards, that does not change the fact that the they still do not know who their starting quarterback is yet, and that they have a really tough schedule this season.

I am a Jets fan myself, so I know this team and what they are capable of. Sadly, even with the addition of Massaquoi, the Jets are a four win team at best, and that would be the same even if Massaquoi wasn’t on the team.

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