Seattle Seahawks: Bold Super Bowl Predictions Already Beginning

By Todd Pheifer
Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

It isn’t hard to find people who will acknowledge that the Seattle Seahawks are a very good football team. Fans on the west coast may talk about an “east coast bias,” but it is hard for anyone to ignore the talent that Seattle has amassed over the last few seasons.

Needless to say, Russell Wilson and Marshawn Lynch are being discussed.

Still, the unflinching NFL predictions are something that writers will sometimes stay away from when they are talking about the upcoming season. Sure, many publications pick a Super Bowl winner in their season previews. However, there are still those that stick with safer statements, such as the suggestion that they “like” a team. Lots of people “like” the Seahawks this season.

Michael Silver of is not being shy about his prediction regarding the Seahawks. Specifically, the title of his article is “Russell Wilson’s Seattle Seahawks will win Super Bowl XLVIII.” Notice he used the word “will” rather than “could,” “may”, “might” or “should.”

One assumes that Silver will not be the only person picking the ‘Hawks to represent the NFC in New York. The NFC West will probably be well represented on the prediction lists as the Seahawks and the San Francisco 49ers will likely be popular picks.

Of course, some fans have mixed feelings about these types of predictions. Certainly, this type of prediction recognizes talent and potential, and that is a good feeling for the fans. Who doesn’t want to go into the season with high hopes of winning the Super Bowl, rather than a situation where mediocrity is the best that can be hoped for in the upcoming year?

However, predictions also come with pressure and expectations. Hype does not guarantee success. If Seattle loses a few games (which they probably will), fans may be prone to panic under the weight of high hopes. On paper, the Seahawks have all the pieces to win it all. Certainly, there are some areas that could be better, but the ‘Hawks have a great defense, an effective running game and a confident quarterback.

Now, the Seahawks just need to execute. If the Seahawks are able to grind through a tough NFL season and eventually hoist the Lombardi Trophy, at least a few fans may remember this prediction. At that point, they may tip their hat to Mr. Silver and say, “Thanks for believe in us.”

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