Will Seattle Seahawks’ Golden Tate be able to Handle Pressure at Lambeau Field?

By Michael Terrill
Will Seattle Seahawks’ Golden Tate be able to Handle Pressure at Lambeau Field
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Hopefully, Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Golden Tate has been listening to boos on his iPod in preparation for Friday night’s preseason game against the Green Bay Packers. There is no question the Packers fans are going to give him everything he can handle when the two teams meet at Lambeau Field.

“Sometimes I can tune it out,” Tate said, according to ESPN.com. “But I think being booed is a sign of respect. If they are going to waste energy on booing you, obviously they know about you.”

The only reason fans in Green Bay know Tate’s name is because he was responsible for getting away with offensive pass interference that resulted in a touchdown during a very bizarre play.

Green Bay had the game won against Seattle in Week 3 of last season. They were leading 12-7 before Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson tossed up a deep pass in Tate’s direction. Tate clearly pushed off Sam Shields and never at any point gained control of the ball. In fact, cameras clearly showed safety M.D. Jennings had successfully intercepted the pass as he had more control of the ball than Tate did while the two laid on the grass in the back of the end zone. Unfortunately, replacement referee Lance Easley decided he must become a part of history instead of being an invisible bystander when he made the wrong call.

Fans have taken to Twitter to talk a little smack prior to the third preseason game. Tate has embraced the chatter and even tweeted the following on Aug. 19 in response:

“I can see now that this week my twitter is gonna be harassed all week. #cantwait #weeklyentertainment #youSTILLmadbro

Obviously, Tate is not concerned what lies ahead in Green Bay. There is no doubt in my mind he will be able to take in all of the boos without it affecting his game. There is no question it will be a unique experience for the wide receiver, as well as, the fans.

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