Critics Will Find Any Dirt on Baltimore Ravens' Joe Flacco to Make Themselves Feel Better

By Wola Odeniran
Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

If critics want to act like Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco winning the Super Bowl doesn’t mean anything and at the same time bash him over a preseason game they can. They show who they really are anyways. They show that they are just haters. Ya, I mean haters.

I personally have no problem with Flacco being criticized on a normal level. When you make the kind of money that Flacco is making, it comes with the territory. But when I hear people say, “Flacco’s a fluke” or, “Flacco is a trash quarterback” it makes me laugh at times, as it shows how sad and pathetic some people are.

If Flacco is such a terrible quarterback, what does it say about the media darling Tom Brady, who is 1-2 in the playoffs against the Ravens with Flacco? What does it say about Peyton Manning who lost to Flacco in the playoffs last year as well? What does it say about the other 31 teams in the NFL who watched Flacco become a Super Bowl MVP for the Ravens this past February? I guess Ravens’ fans can laugh at the rest of the country since many consider Flacco to be a joke, as he has made his haters look silly, especially when you consider the fact that Flacco has more touchdown passes in the playoffs the past five years than any other quarterback in the NFL with 19.

Hearing people say, “Flacco only has one Super Bowl” is hilarious to me. So winning one Super Bowl isn’t good enough?  Because before last season, many said that Flacco had to win it all to be considered not only a top 10 quarterback but an elite one as well. Well, he did that. But it comes as no surprise to me that critics would try and take away credit away from Flacco as the goal-posts seem to be moved every time Flacco does something good.

There are so many excuses that come Flacco’s way when he is successful. Especially when critics say “Flacco only wins games because his defense is good” or “Flacco just gets lucky”. I’m starting to wonder if that is the way some Flacco critics go about their own personal lives. Anytime someone does something good, it must be because they are lucky or because they have a good supporting cast.

It just amazes me how when Flacco helps the Ravens to a win, he has nothing to do with it, but when Flacco is on the losing end, a lot of people say it is all his fault. Amazing how that works.

Flacco is a winner, a good quarterback, and a Super Bowl MVP whether you like it or not.

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