New York Jets' Geno Smith To Start Tomorrow, But Won't Win Job

By Steven Carollo
Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday, the New York Jets made it official that rookie quarterback Geno Smith will start the team’s third preseason game against their stadium roommates the New York Giants.

Veteran Jets QB Mark Sanchez has taken over 70 snaps this preseason, compared to Smith’s 14 due to an ankle injury that Smith suffered in the Jets’ first preseason game two weeks ago against the Detroit Lions.  This injury was not minor by any means, as it forced Smith to sit out the team’s entire second preseason game last week against the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Jets fans should not look into this decision of head coach Rex Ryan to start Smith against the Giants tomorrow night as a hint that Smith will win starting QB job, because that will not happen.

The only reason why Smith was chosen to start is because of Smith’s injury. Sanchez has taken many more snaps than Smith this preseason, so now it is Smith’s turn to play into possibly the third quarter to make up for lost time.

In my opinion, unless Smith has the game of his life, throws a few touchdowns and does not turn the ball over at all against the Giants tomorrow night, then I’m sorry Jets fans, but Sanchez will be our starting quarterback to start the 2013 season.

It is only fair anyway, since Sanchez is the guy who is fighting to keep his job, and since preseason football means pretty much absolutely nothing. Sanchez should have first crack at this upcoming regular season to try to convince the Jets’ coaching staff, and fans, that he can still be a starting quarterback in this league.

Do I think Sanchez will hold onto his starting job for the entire year?

That I have serious doubts in, but you never know. I believe Sanchez has proven over the years that he will never be a consistent quarterback, and will have those drives where he looks like he is turning the corner, and then the next drive will look absolutely horrible and throw a pick six.

Because of this, I do believe Smith will take over as the Jets’ starting quarterback somewhere around week four; by then, the Jets’ fan base should be calling for Sanchez’s head, and the Jets coaching staff says they’ve had enough of Sanchez’s inconsistency.

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