Green Bay Packers’ Derek Sherrod Working Hard to Return

By Michael Terrill
Green Bay Packers’ Derek Sherrod Working Hard to Return
Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

The mystery surrounding Green Bay Packers offensive lineman Derek Sherrod’s injury and the recovery process has driven fans crazy. Packer nation is very much involved in their team, including how players are doing in physical rehabilitation. The fact that the fans have not yet seen, or heard much, regarding Sherrod has certainly been a big concern. However, one thing is for certain, the former first-round draft pick is working hard to return to the gridiron.

The organization has kept things quiet surrounding Sherrod’s injury. The fact that it has been so quiet is actually more alarming then if the Packers just came out and spilled the beans on the seriousness of the state Sherrod is in. Even Sherrod himself has failed to shed any light on what exactly is going on with him.

The good news is that his family refuses to keep their mouths shut in an effort to defend their son/brother from an impatient fan base.

“No one truly understands really what happens behind closed doors, in the locker room, on training tables,” Dezmond Sherrod, Derek’s older brother, told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. “But he is definitely 100% dedicated to getting back on the field.

“I understand they had a major injury within the same group with Bryan Bulaga. So that kind of adds to the sense of urgency among everyone for Derek to get back on the field because they need him.

“I can’t tell you when Derek will be out there. But I know if Derek could be out there today in full speed he would.”

Fans will remember Sherrod made an appearance in training camp for two weeks a year ago. However, it was obvious that he was not ready to return to the field, as there was a limp when he ran. For that reason, Green Bay put him back on the physically unable to perform list for the entire 2012 season.

“When they tried to put him out there, they noticed that he couldn’t put the weight on his leg,” Louis Sherrod, Derek’s father, told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. “Then they had to do MRIs and scans to find out why his leg was shaking uncontrollably. They discovered that he had an ankle problem.

“They didn’t even know that he needed another surgery until this spring. All of last year was wasted. That could have been from complications from the first surgery, but it was something that was left undone.

“They couldn’t figure it out … that his bones did not heal right together.”

The Sherrod’s want Packers fans to know that Derek is not lazy or taking his money and running with it. He truly wants to be the best offensive lineman possible. He has a tremendous work ethic and strives for perfection. There is no doubt in their minds that he will be a great asset for the team in the near future. Unfortunately, for now, the fans must wait to see what his true potential is.

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