If Tim Tebow Wants To Continue Career, Ditching Pride May Be Only Way

By Brian Neal
Tim Tebow New England Patriots
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I don’t know if anyone has told Tim Tebow, but pride is quite the sin in the Christian Faith. And unfortunately for him, it may be one of his few flaws as a person, and perhaps the only thing standing in the way of him salvaging a soon-to-be-over career.

Yes, it’s painfully obvious now — if it wasn’t long ago — that Tebow cannot play quarterback in the NFL. The Denver Broncos, New York Jets and New England Patriots have all tested him there and ultimately decided not to trust him. At least in New England, they seem to be making the decision not to allow him to play there after only two preseason games, which you certainly can’t blame them.

However, if Tebow wants to remain with the team, well, it’s going to take a change of heart for him. He’s going to need to finally do what’s best not only for the Patriots, but also for his goal to be a legitimate professional football player, because right now, he’s a joke.

The former Florida Gator needs to switch positions. Many have called for this, and it’s clear that he has the ability as a truly supreme athlete to play either running back, fullback or tight end if he so chooses, and he’s on the perfect team to do so as head coach Bill Belichick pretty much specializes in playing players in different positions.

And really, what’s been the hold up in this change? Everyone other than the few believers in him as a QB have brought up this thought of him switching to another position. In fact, it’s pretty much a consensus among that group that if he wants to stay in the league, he’s going to have to do this. The only hold up, in my mind, is pride. I understand, being an athlete and having pride go hand-in-hand — it’s inevitable. But if Tebow is to even make the Pats 53-man roster, which doesn’t look to promising at the moment, then he’s going to have to get over that hump and accept the fact.

That fact is he cannot throw a football nearly well enough to play in the NFL. He’s 5-of-19 for 54 yards and one interception in two preseason games in 2013. He didn’t even take the field in the Pats blowout loss to the Detroit Lions last night. In his three-year career, he’s only completed 47.9 percent of his passes. It’s literally a miracle of sorts in my mind that he’s actually started 16 games in his career, as I have to imagine that percentage is among the worst in league history for that many games.

However, rushing-wise, he has averaged five yards per carry and has 12 touchdowns on just under 200 carries. Even this preseason, he has 61 yards on only 10 carries. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out he has the talent to play something other than quarterback.

All it’s going to take for him to revive and continue his career is to finally realize the right decision is to make this change. If he doesn’t, I’m afraid we may not see him on an NFL roster again after this preseason.

Brian Neal is an intern at Rant Sports and senior mass communications major at Lewis University. Follow him on Twitter @brianneal23 and “Like” him on Facebook.

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